GrowlerWerks Launches New Carbonated Growler That’s Built for Adventure

PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Look out, Hydro Flask. GrowlerWerks, maker of the world’s #1 beer growler, is giving regular hydro bottles a run for their money with the launch of the uKeg GO—the most convenient, most affordable, most "go-anywhere" carbonated growler ever.

The uKeg GO has all the convenience of top hydro bottles. The insulated 64 oz. vessel keeps drinks cold all day long and the lightweight, durable construction make it ideal for life on-the-go. But the uKeg GO also has added capabilities for preserving and dispensing carbonated beverages such as beer, seltzer and kombucha. 

Using GrowlerWerks’ patented carbonation system, drinks stay fresh and perfectly carbonated for up to two weeks. The 3-position dispenser tap makes it easy to store and pour beverages wherever the day takes you. Throw it in your backpack, perch it on your paddle board, or strap it to your bike rack and your favorite drink is always on tap.

“We wanted to design the perfect balance between form and function,” said Product Engineer and Founder, Brian Sonnichsen. “We took key elements of our best-selling uKeg carbonated growler and created a streamlined, easy-to-use version that let’s people relish every last drop of their beverage, no matter where they are.”

President and Founder, Shawn Huff, isn’t just one of the brains behind the uKeg GO, he’s also a target consumer. “I’m a huge fan of outdoor adventures and craft beverages. Happiness to me is a backwoods trail and my favorite local beer. The uKeg GO makes it easy to enjoy both of these passions at the same time, without the waste and inconvenience of packing cans or bottles.”

Priced at just $99, the uKeg GO is the most affordable carbonated growler available. With the craft beverage industry booming and Spring wanderlust right around the corner, it’s sure to be a go-to piece of gear for all of life’s adventures. 

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About GrowlerWerks™
Founded in Portland, Ore. in 2014, GrowlerWerks is an innovator in the craft beverage industry. The uKeg pressurized growler changed the way craft beer is enjoyed by allowing beer enthusiasts to keep their favorite beverage fresh and carbonated for weeks. The uKeg is distributed in the US, Canada, Australia and Western Europe, and is the world’s #1 beer growler.


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