Agritek Holdings, Inc. Announces Focus on Production of CBG Enriched Hemp Material and Retail Products as New Research Uncovers Hidden Antibiotic Potential to Fight Viral Symptoms in Humans

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  via NEWMEDIAWIRE – Agritek Holdings, Inc. (AGTK), a fully integrated, active real estate investor and white label provide for popular hemp brands, today announced that the Company will utilize its partnerships with licensed facilities in Florida, Colorado and California to focus on the cultivation and extraction of highly enriched CBG hemp, based on a new medical study that CBG material may have antibiotic potential to fight viral disease in humans.

Recently, McMaster University researchers have identified an antibacterial compound made by cannabis plants that may serve as a lead for new drug development. An interdisciplinary team of McMaster researchers found that the chemical compound, or cannabinoid, called cannabigerol (CBG) is not only antibacterial but also effective in mice against a resilient family of bacteria known as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). CBG achieved this by targeting the cell membrane of the bacteria. These findings in the laboratory were supported when mice with an MRSA infection were given CBG. The findings were published in the journal American Chemical Society Infectious Diseases.

Agritek Holdings presently has extracted multiple liters of hemp crude oil containing both CBD and CBG hemp material from last year’s farming operations and hemp harvest in Colorado to be used within multiple nutraceutical product lines.

“This new study clearly seems to show evidence and potential for use of CBG cannabinoids as antibiotics which have proven effective in mice against a resilient family of bacteria known as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). With rapid spread and growing worldwide concern of the coronavirus or COVID-19, perhaps further research on the effectiveness of cannabis’ deeper spectrum can be driven by new and exciting proofs that cannabis can one day help kill superbugs. This realistic approach might be a first important step in our need to improve society’s resistance to disease through a generic means,” stated B. Michael Friedman, CEO of Agritek holdings.

Despite the shock and awe of the traditional pharma community, it is no surprise to see powerful antibacterial effects from CBG in combination with other medications. The effect of the endocannabinoid system helps increase the potency of other antibacterial agents through its major functions. Beyond germs, cannabigerol can slow the spread of viruses throughout the body. CBG can stop the replication of viral infections by inhibiting calcium through several pathways, such as agonizing PPAR-y, a regulator of genetics, tumorigenesis, and many cellular processes. This leads to a widespread anti-inflammatory response that can help orchestrate white blood cells as they attack diseases, like pneumonia. In terms of relieving symptoms, nitric oxide is pneumonia’s weapon of inflammation which cannabis, CBD more than CBG, is an expert at disarming.

Research on this topic is still at an early stage to answer if cannabinoid formulations can truly deal with epidemics as severe as the current form of coronavirus now COVID-19 and originally the Wuhan Virus spreading in Southeast Asia, Europe and now entering the United States and Canada. We do not currently understand the pathogenesis of the disease, in order to develop vaccines or to employ medicinal intervention. Yet, that is the exact point of generic instant treatment, something that cannot be relied upon but can still be delivered with benefits that outweigh the risks. According to current research, CBG is non-intoxicating, mostly non-toxic, and non-sedating so it carries little known risk. The development of cannabinoid formulations might be able to unlock a range of interventions for many outbreaks, bacteria or viral.

Phyto Therapeutics may replace tardy vaccines – taking the upper hand against Superbugs

According to Cannabis Life Network, any illnesses will best cannabis’ entire spectrum of potential, true. But taking into consideration the research being done today, perhaps the combination of an additive is necessary for cannabinoids and terpenes to truly fight infection; or on the flip side, perhaps cannabis needs to be the adjuvant. And building upon that, cannabinoids could also potentially help other drugs fight viruses more potently.

Perhaps we should sink our energy into bettering our understanding of the world around us and draw more solutions from nature, instead of relying on the development of vaccines after the next superbug has already done damage. Pathogens can generate action amongst our global population; maybe that motivation can finally push for the sensible development of, and access to, phytocannabinoid therapeutics.

Recently, Agritek Holdings was named the number one short term investment stock within the cannabis sector by CANNAINVESTOR  magazine. The full magazine feature may be seen here:

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