New Gaming Publisher Ziggurat Interactive to Bring Massive List of Classic and New Games to Modern Platforms

Deadly Dozen, Super Huey, and Forbidden Forest Among the First of Many Planned Releases


DENVER, March 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gaming will be getting a huge shot in the arm starting in 2020, as publisher Ziggurat Interactive has unveiled plans to remaster, rework, and restore a wide variety of classic console and PC games from the ‘80s, ‘90s, and beyond. With a goal of preserving and expanding the legacy of video games as entertainment and an art form, and making them available to a wider audience, Ziggurat Interactive will showcase a lineup of beloved retro games and entirely new IPs for modern consoles and PCs as they build out a stunning portfolio of favorites from across the decades.

The first games Ziggurat will release include remade versions of these classic titles:

  • First released in 2001, Deadly Dozen is a WWII tactical squad-based shooter developed by nFusion Interactive. Infiltrate German-occupied territory with your squad of 12 military misfits. Destroy, steal, and kidnap your way out. Battle your way through a campaign spanning six war-torn countries. Each of your 12 death-dealing squadmates specializes in a different skillset such as sniper, demolitions, etc., requiring players to use teamwork if they want to survive.

  • Classic battlefield helicopter combat simulation Super Huey returns to the skies! This 1985 retro Mega-hit, developed by Cosmi, features four immersive modes: flight training, rescue missions, exploration, and combat. Players must use their multitasking skills to defend brothers in arms or gather critical information about the terrain, all while keeping that bird in the air.

  • Fantasy action game Forbidden Forest is back, challenging archers to cleanse the woods of evil. Armed with only four arrows per level, players must eliminate monsters that include bees, giant spiders, mutated frogs, snakes, wizards, and dragons. Four levels of difficulty— Innocent, Trooper, Daredevil, and Crazy—are sure to keep brave archers on their toes in this updated version of a 1983 Cosmi classic that used a Demogorgon before it was cool.

Each of these licensed titles will be adapted to run on the latest hardware, featuring updated visuals and gameplay.

“Everyone at Ziggurat shares a passion for classic and modern games, and we’ve turned that passion into a game company that will be unlike any other,” said Wade Rosen, CEO of Ziggurat. “For each classic game we work with, we’re doing more than just reworking it –– we’re improving upon it in ways that are respectful to the original while preserving what the fans loved about it, and also boosting the ‘awesome’ of it for modern players.”

A press kit with logos, executive bios, and key art is available here:

More info about Ziggurat Interactive and its current lineup is available on Facebook, Twitter, and the company’s official web site, with info on their upcoming products to be announced on the same.

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About Ziggurat Interactive

Ziggurat Interactive was launched in late 2019 with the goal of preserving and expanding the legacy of video games. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Ziggurat creates and celebrates games — expanding the audience for both retro and new titles by making them accessible to players of all types while bringing classic licenses and new IPs to market through a variety of distribution channels across multiple platforms.


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