LOS ANGELES, March 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BroadbandNow (https://broadbandnow.com) today released new research ranking each U.S. state for broadband internet: “U.S. States With The Best Internet Coverage and Speeds, 2020.” The states’ overall rankings were based on three criteria: terrestrial broadband coverage, minimum available pricing of broadband internet and speed test data as measured and collected by BroadbandNow.

According to BroadbandNow, the Garden State, New Jersey, ranked #1 with 98 percent wired broadband internet coverage and low-priced plan availability to 78 percent of the state’s population. Rounding-out the top 10 best states include:

 #2 New York
 #3 Maryland
 #4 Rhode Island
 #5 Florida
 #6 Illinois
 #7 District of Columbia
 #8 Texas
 #9 Massachusetts
 #10 Connecticut

Alternatively, Alaska, known as, “The Last Frontier,” lives up to that billing as the worst (#51) U.S. state for broadband internet. Only 61 percent of Alaska residents have wired and fixed wireless broadband coverage. Meanwhile, there are zero low-priced broadband wired internet plans available to Alaska’s residents. The other U.S. states making up the worst, include:

 #50 Montana
 #49 New Mexico
 #48 Nebraska
 #47 Vermont
 #46 Wyoming
 #45 Iowa
 #44 West Virginia
 #43 Maine
 #42 Mississippi

“According to our recent research, 42 million Americans do not have access to broadband internet – roughly 50 percent more than the FCC reports,” said John Busby, managing director of BroadbandNow. “Our analysis of each state across the U.S. shines a light on where progress has been made to bridge the digital divide and where further work is needed.”

In addition to the overall ranking, the research breaks down the best and worst state by access, price and speed:

  • Access: #1 Connecticut and #51 Arkansas
  • Price: #1 Rhode Island and #51 Alaska
  • Speed: #1 Maryland and #51 Alaska

BroadbandNow’s research, “U.S. States With The Best Internet Coverage and Speeds, 2020,” can be found at: https://broadbandnow.com/research/best-states-with-internet-coverage-and-speed.

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Steve Stratz
for BroadbandNow