Global Asset Tracking Market 2020-2025: Insights Into Technologies, Solutions, and the Ecosystem Including Major Players


Dublin, March 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Asset Tracking Market by Technology, Infrastructure, Connection Type, Mobility, Location Determination, Solution Type, and Industry Verticals 2020-2025" report has been added to's offering.

This report evaluates asset tracking technologies, solutions, and ecosystem including major players. The report assesses the impacts of various use case specific considerations in terms of asset technology and solution selection. The report also analyzes the market outlook for asset tracking globally, regionally, and by major country from 2020 through 2025.

Select Report Findings

  • Real-time Location Systems growth of nearly 20% CAGR through 2025
  • Global asset tracking market will reach $36.3B by 2025, growing at 15% CAGR
  • Blockchain will become an important part of asset tracking software and services
  • Asset tracking solutions becoming increasingly viable for sub-$1,000 book value assets
  • Global asset tracking market for AI-embedded devices to grow at roughly 30% through 2025
  • IoT supported asset tracking market will account for 95% of all enterprise and industrial solutions
  • There is anticipated to be continued vendor consolidation in the asset tracking market through 2025
  • Leading companies will combine asset tracking and connected-device security as combined solutions

The overall asset tracking market has witnessed substantial economies of scale improvements in recent years due to inexpensive connectivity and machine-to-machine communications equipment and services. Increased penetration and usage of advanced IoT solutions leveraging M2M and other supporting technologies enable anytime, anywhere, and any type of asset tracking.

In addition, improved economies of scale and advancements in miniaturization and communications have made low-value asset tracking more practical, expanding the range of potential industries and asset types. This is exemplified by the growing trend for RFID-based "slap-and-track" solutions for shipping, supply chain management, and enterprise logistics such as tracking low to medium-value assets such as business equipment and supplies.

There are substantial factors to consider when approaching the broader asset tracking market, which includes asset class, value, and degree of mobility. Whereas asset tracking has historically been largely fleet-focused (commercial trucks, trailers, vans, and cars), there is great potential for expansion towards non-vehicle related assets.

However, the market is currently constrained by the relatively low number of enterprise-connected assets across certain important asset classes. Leading asset tracking solution companies are focusing on the asset value to a business or governmental organization rather than the book value of the asset itself. A consultative marketing/sales approach is necessary to inform enterprise, first of the value of interconnecting business assets, and secondly, demonstrative asset tracking outcomes that bring value straight to the bottom line.

There are also opportunities for technology integration, such as leveraging Artificial Intelligence for enhanced decision making. There are many roles that AI may play, ranging from machine learning and analytics to improved cybersecurity for connected enterprise assets. By way of example, the Blackberry acquisition of Cylance represents a cybersecurity play that may be parlayed into an IoT device security offering combined with asset tracking solutions for greater overall enterprise security.

The report additionally provides the following:

  • Analysis and forecasts by infrastructure such as asset tracking by software, which includes: Cost Management, Audit Management, Procurement Management, Condition Monitoring, Inventory Management, and more. This report evaluates the market for asset tracking technology components including M2M Communication, Embedded, On-board and Remote Computing Systems.
  • Assesses the impact of AI (including machine learning, image and pattern recognition, neural networking, and more), blockchain, and big data (including storage and data analytics) in support of asset tracking solutions. The report also evaluates cloud (including central and edge computing) vs. non-cloud-based solutions.
  • Evaluates asset tracking by category, such as fleet management. This is further broken down by land and non-land vehicles and vehicle types with great details for commercial trucks, vans, cars, and special-purpose vehicles. In terms of non-roadway vehicles, the report assesses aviation, railway, and water-based vehicle market potential. For the aviation market, it includes asset tracking for planes, helicopters, and ground support equipment. The report also analyzes the non-fleet tracking market including assets in smart buildings and smart workplaces.
  • Forecasting for the aforementioned as well as by region and country for market sizing by revenue as well as unit deployment from 2020 through 2025. This includes quantitative data and projections with market segmentation by technology, technology components and integration, infrastructure, connection type, range of mobility, location requirements, and by industry verticals. In addition, the report includes analysis and forecasts for the RFID-enabled "slap-and-track" market, which enables fast and easy tracking for many use cases ranging from shipping to asset loss prevention.
  • Market analysis and forecasting for the RFID-enabled "slap-and-track" asset tracking market including solutions by type, implementation, assets, industries, and regions.

Key Topics Covered

1. Executive Summary

2. Asset Tracking Market Segmentation
2.1 Asset Tracking Application Types
2.2 Asset Tracking Connection Types
2.3 Asset Tracking in Industry Verticals
2.4 Asset Tracking by Region
2.5 Asset Tracking by IoT Deployment
2.6 Artificial Intelligence in Asset Tracking
2.7 Other Emerging Technologies in Support of Asset Tracking

3. Introduction
3.1 Asset Tracking Overview
3.1.1 Asset Tracking Functions
3.1.2 Asset Tracking Systems
3.2 Asset Types
3.2.1 Fixed, Portable, and Mobile Assets
3.2.2 High, Medium, and Low Assets
3.3 Asset Tracking Market Segmentation
3.4 Business Drivers for Asset Tracking
3.4.1 Connected Devices Connected Consumer Devices Connected Enterprise Assets Connected Industrial Assets
3.4.2 Optimizing Enterprise and Industrial Device Management
3.4.3 Smart Cities, Buildings, and Workplaces
3.5 Asset Tracking Technologies
3.5.1 Mobility Management and Connectivity Technology
3.5.2 5G and Multi-access Edge Computing
3.5.3 Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT)
3.5.4 Artificial Intelligence in Asset Tracking
3.5.5 Advanced Data Analytics Support of Asset Tracking
3.5.6 Blockchain Technology and Asset Tracking

4. Asset Tracking Solutions
4.1 Solution Considerations
4.1.1 Fixed vs. Portable vs. Mobile Assets
4.1.2 Asset Value High Value Medium Value Low Value
4.2 Solution Needs
4.2.1 Inventory Management
4.2.2 Asset Control and Redirection
4.2.3 Asset Tracking vs. Asset Control Real-time vs. Non-real time Tracking and Location Asset Location Precision and Movement Frequency Alignment with Workforce (Human Assets)
4.3 Specific Solutions
4.3.1 Facility Management
4.3.2 Vehicle Tracking
4.3.3 Commercial Fleet Tracking
4.3.4 Asset Tracking in Smart Workplaces
4.3.5 Asset Tracking in Smart Cities
4.4 Asset Tracking Infrastructure and Services
4.4.1 Asset Tracking Software and Platforms
4.4.2 Asset Tracking System Deployment and Services

5. Asset Tracking in Industry Verticals
5.1 Aviation and Aerospace
5.2 Automotive and Transportation Systems
5.3 Healthcare
5.4 Manufacturing and Industrial Automation
5.5 Warehousing, Logistics, and Shipping
5.6 Government (State and Local)
5.7 Travel and Hospitality
5.8 Consumer Electronics
5.9 Agriculture and Livestock Management
5.10 Extraction and Energy: Oil, Gas, Timber, and Mining
5.11 Food and Beverages
5.12 Education and Training
5.13 Construction and Building Automation
5.14 Robotics and Drones
5.15 Financial Services
5.16 Information and Communications Technology
5.17 Energy Exploration and Distribution
5.18 Textiles and Chemicals

6. Company Analysis
6.1 Actsoft Inc.
6.2 ASAP Systems
6.3 AssetPanda
6.4 AT&T
6.5 CalAmp
6.6 Fleet Complete
6.7 GigaTrack
6.8 Microsoft Corporation
6.9 OnAsset Intelligence Inc.
6.10 Oracle Corporation
6.11 Spireon Inc.
6.12 Sprint Corporation
6.13 Tenna
6.14 Trimble Inc.
6.15 Verizon Wireless
6.16 Zebra Technologies
6.17 SAP SE
6.18 Epicor Software Corporation
6.19 JDA Software Group Inc.
6.20 Stanley Black & Decker Inc.
6.21 Honeywell International Inc.
6.22 Ubisense Group PLC
6.23 Topcon Corporation
6.24 Datalogic S.p.A.
6.25 Mojix Inc.
6.26 Impinj Inc.
6.27 Sato Holdings Corporation
6.28 TomTom International B.V.
6.29 IBM Corporation
6.30 Telit
6.31 Apptricity
6.32 Entigral Systems Inc.
6.33 NimbeLink
6.34 Sierra Wireless Inc. (Numerex)
6.36 Particle
6.37 PTC (ThingWorx)
6.38 Sendum Wireless Corporation
6.39 Senseaware (Fedex)
6.40 Sensitech Inc.
6.41 Sequans
6.42 Starcom
6.43 Telefonica
6.44 TrackX
6.45 Vodafone Limited
6.46 Chekhra Business Solutions
6.47 Lowry Solutions Inc.
6.48 RedBeam Inc.
6.49 TVL Inc. (WiseTrack)
6.50 Wasp Barcode Technologies Inc.
6.51 Jolly Technologies Inc.
6.52 Windward Software
6.53 Brilliant Info Systems Pvt. Ltd.
6.54 Freshworks
6.55 Sortly Inc.
6.56 QBurst
6.57 Northrop Grumman
6.58 Targa Telematics S.p.A.
6.59 Speedshield Technologies (Adaptalift Group)
6.60 Smart Asset Manager Limited
6.61 Quantum Aviation Solutions
6.62 UpKeep Maintenance Management
6.63 PcsInfinity
6.64 Zerion Software Inc.
6.65 Litum IoT
6.66 Advantrack
6.67 Alphabet
6.68 ARI Fleet
6.69 Arvento
6.70 Azuga Fleet
6.71 Blackberry (Radar, QNX)
6.72 Carmalink
6.73 ClearPath GPS
6.74 DriveFactor (or CCC Drive)
6.75 Estrack
6.76 Fleet Safety Institute
6.77 Fleetilla
6.78 Fleetistics
6.79 FleetManager
6.80 FleetMind (Safe Fleet Holdings)
6.81 Fleetup
6.82 Geotab
6.83 Globalstar
6.84 Go Fleet
6.85 GPS Insight
6.86 GPS Trackit
6.87 GSAttrack (Global Satellite Engineering)
6.88 Gurtam
6.89 Inseego
6.90 IntouchGPS (GPSTrackit)
6.91 Lojack
6.92 Lytx
6.93 M2M in Motion
6.94 Mix Telematics
6.95 Momentum IoT
6.96 NexTraq (Michelin)
6.97 Omnitracs
6.98 Passtime
6.99 Pedigree Technologies
6.100 Raven Connected (KlashWerks Inc.)
6.101 Rhino Fleet
6.102 Roambee
6.103 SafeFleet
6.104 Samsara
6.105 Skybitz
6.106 Smart Path GPS
6.107 Teltrac Navman
6.108 T-Mobile
6.109 Zonar Systems (Continental AG)
6.110 Zubie
6.111 Polte

7. Asset Tracking Market Forecasts 2020-2025
7.1 Aggregate Global Asset Tracking Market 2020-2025
7.2 Asset Tracking Market by Segment 2020-2025
7.3 Asset Tracking Market by Asset Type 2020-2025
7.4 Asset Tracking Market by Function 2020-2025
7.5 Asset Tracking Market by Application 2020-2025
7.6 Asset Tracking Market by Deployment Type 2020-2025
7.7 Asset Tracking Market by Mobility: Fixed, Portable, and Mobile 2020-2025
7.8 Asset Tracking Market by Wireless Device Type 2020-2025
7.9 Asset Tracking Market by Connectivity Type: Wired and Wireless 2020-2025
7.10 Asset Tracking Market by Enterprise Type
7.11 Asset Tracking Market by Industry Vertical 2020-2025
7.12 Asset Tracking Market by Device Segmentation 2020-2025
7.13 Asset Tracking Market by Solution 2020-2025
7.14 Asset Tracking Market by Technology Components 2020-2025
7.15 Asset Tracking Market by Technology Support and Integration 2020-2025
7.16 Asset Tracking Market by Region 2020-2025
7.17 Asset Tracking Market by Unit Deployment 2020-2025
7.18 Video Safety in Asset Tracking 2020-2025

8. Conclusions and Recommendations
8.1 Advertisers and Media Companies
8.2 Artificial Intelligence Providers
8.3 Automotive Companies
8.4 Broadband Infrastructure Providers
8.5 Communication Service Providers
8.6 Computing Companies
8.7 Data Analytics Providers
8.8 Immersive Technology (AR, VR, and MR) Providers
8.9 Equipment (Asset Tracking) Providers
8.10 Networking Equipment Providers
8.11 Networking Security Providers
8.12 Semiconductor Companies
8.13 IoT Suppliers and Service Providers
8.14 Software Providers
8.15 Smart City System Integrators
8.16 Automation System Providers
8.17 Social Media Companies
8.18 Workplace Solution Providers
8.19 Enterprise and Government

9. Appendix: Slap-And-Track Asset Tracking Solutions Market 2020-2025
9.1 Global Slap and Track Solutions 2020-2025
9.2 Slap and Track Solutions by Type 2020-2025
9.3 Slap and Track Tags by Installation Type 2020-2025
9.4 Slap and Track Tags by Asset Type 2020-2025
9.5 Slap and Track Tags by Industry Type 2020-2025
9.6 Slap and Track Tags by Region 2020-2025
9.7 Slap and Ship Labels by Type 2020-2025
9.8 Slap and Ship by Asset Type 2020-2025
9.9 Slap and Track by Industry Type 2020-2025
9.10 Slap and Ship Labels by Region 2020-2025

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