LOS ANGELES, March 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gojoy, the “sales acceleration network” that enables retailers to move merchandise quickly and profitably via TikTok, Kwai, and other short video platforms, today announces its migration to the Ethereum blockchain, the first phase in a multi-phase upgrade that also includes software updates to enhance security and transparency for its community.

During this migration process, Joy token transfers, in and out of the Gojoy Member Center, will be temporarily disabled. Trading on the CBX exchange and the JOY/USDT pair are unaffected and will operate normally. Gojoy member account balances and wallets are safe, secure and protected throughout the entirety of this upgrade process.

“We are committed to protecting our member community while ensuring compliance with current regulations,” said Steven Lin, CEO of Gojoy. “Upgrading and refreshing our technology is vital to the health of our ecosystem and keeping member assets safe. We will continue to share important updates with our members.”

Gojoy will continue to inform its member community throughout all relevant platforms, token and technology updates.

About Gojoy, Inc.
Gojoy enables retailers to acquire customers and sell merchandise, in a zero CAC environment, through its sales acceleration network on TikTok, Kwai, and other short video platforms. By giving away valuable traffic that underpins the economic model of e-commerce, Gojoy scientifically converts consumer impulses into purchases that is unmatched in the industry. Originally launched in early 2019, as an online mall on WeChat, Gojoy generated $17 million in revenue and registered 1.1 million members on $30 million GMV in its first year of business. For more information visit: https://gojoy.com.