ALAMEDA, Calif., March 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Verific Design Automation celebrated its 20th anniversary supplying the semiconductor industry with its solid SystemVerilog, VHDL, and UPF Parser Platforms through a blog post series featuring tributes from long-time customers.

Each commented positively about Verific’s product quality, exceptional support and a culture that nurtures relationships, something few companies in the semiconductor or EDA space can boast about as they reach their 20th anniversary.

A six-part blog series features interviews with customers, some of whom bring Verific’s products with them as they move between jobs, not once but multiple times. They can be found together or click on one of the names below to go directly to the piece. The series features:

  • Scott Aron Bloom, Principal Solutions Architect at Mentor, a Siemens Business (formerly Chief Technology Officer at Blue Pearl)
  • Andy Ladd, Director of Market Development at Arm (previously, CEO of Baum)
  • Andrew Dauman, Vice President of Engineering at Tortuga Logic
  • Rajiv Kumar, Vice President of Engineering at Real Intent
  • Vic Kulkarni, Vice President and Chief Strategist at ANSYS
  • Wolfgang Roesner, Fellow for Hardware Verification and Verification Tools at IBM
  • Serial entrepreneur George Janac

About Verific Design Automation
Verific Design Automation is celebrating 20 years as the leading provider of SystemVerilog, Verilog, VHDL and UPF Parser Platforms that enable project groups to develop advanced electronic design automation (EDA) products quickly and cost effective worldwide. Verific, with offices in Alameda, Calif., and Kolkata, India, has shipped more than 60,000 copies of its software used worldwide by the EDA and semiconductor industry. Corporate headquarters is located at: 1516 Oak Street, Suite 115, Alameda, Calif. 94501. Telephone: (510) 522-1555.

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