As COVID-19 Disrupts Routines, Grokker Offers Individuals Unlimited Free Access to Wellbeing Videos and Programs

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Shuttered workplaces, canceled classes and travel restrictions combined with financial market uncertainty have created a heightened state of stress globally. COVID-19 – also known as the Coronavirus – has quickly disrupted life as we know it. From “social distancing” to empty grocery shelves, people are trying to preserve their daily routines under extraordinary circumstances.

To help people manage and maintain their physical and emotional wellbeing, Grokker is making its on-demand wellbeing video solution available free of charge through April 30, 2020. During this time, individuals – and their families – will have unlimited access to Grokker’s full suite of holistic wellbeing programs and videos – including fitness, mental health, nutrition, sleep and financial wellness. The offer also includes features such as expert encouragement, GrokTalk and the support of the Grokker community.

Grokker CEO Lorna Borenstein commented, “COVID-19 is causing all of us to ask: How can we ensure we’re staying well during this time of extreme stress? Here at Grokker, we knew we needed to help. With 4,000 readily accessible videos and a supportive community, Grokker will enable people of all ages and conditions to maintain their physical and emotional fitness while cooped up and potentially isolated. Our stress reduction videos and sleep programs directly address the anxiety so many are experiencing and will ensure they are better able to cope and don’t feel so alone through this challenging time.”

To create a free account, simply go to and click on the “Get Grokker Free” button. Similar to Grokker’s standard registration a credit card is required to create a new account; however, at this time, the service is completely free through April 30, 2020.

Borenstein continued, “We understand that the outbreak might not be over by the end of April. We’ll be continuing to assess the situation on a daily basis and make updates as needed. For now, we want to help people feel their best wherever they are.”

About Grokker

Grokker is the award-winning video wellbeing solution that meets employees wherever they are with personalized programs customized for their interests, abilities, and goals. Integrating all five dimensions of wellbeing — fitness, mental health, sleep, nutrition, and financial wellness — Grokker helps employees feel and perform their best. Available anytime, anywhere, on any device, Grokker makes it easy and fun for employees around the world to increase their health and happiness with consumer-grade HD video content delivered by credentialed experts and supported by an active user community.

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