SAN DIEGO, March 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- smartboost, an AI Digital Agency, announced today its new company name and business model. The founders of CNG Marketing and SIO Digital have merged their companies together to create smartboost, the first ever AI marketing agency.

In 2014, smartboost founders Giovanni Letellier and Clement Connor created CNG Digital Marketing, a digital marketing agency that was focused on building small businesses. CNG utilized advanced technology to reach and exceed clients’ goals. The company quickly grew from two founders to over 15 employees in its first year.

In 2016, CNG created its sister company, SiO Digital, that focused more on medium to large businesses, SiO Digital, was also an AI-powered and data-driven marketing agency. Giovanni transferred his responsibilities as CEO of CNG to Clement and took the role of Chief Strategist, so he could dedicate more time to SIO’s growth and future projects.

After a successful six years in partnership with CNG and SIO and while servicing over 100 clients and growing, Giovanni and Clement wanted to merge the two companies to become smartboost.

"Our new name goes much deeper than just a new website and brand colors. It represents the merging of one of the first AI-powered Marketing Agencies with a best-in-class creative digital agency. The future starts now, said Giovanni Letellier, Founder and CEO of smartboost.

smartboost is proud to be the first AI-powered marketing agency alongside an innovative digital creative agency. smartboost is at the forefront of digital marketing and has a proven track record of building businesses through data-driven digital analytics. When business owners are working with smartboost marketers, designers, developers, and engineers, they’re all doing the same job: driving results through data.

smartboost will continue to grow as a collective and is dedicated to staying ahead of marketing trends through advanced AI-technology. This is an exciting time for many types of businesses looking to take advantage of the digital age. By working with smartboost, business owners will be working with the most innovative and technologically advanced agency in the United States.

About smartboost

smartboost is comprised of a highly-skilled team of creative marketers, scientists, and mathematicians — all experts in our fields. With a proven track record of data-driven results by the notion of excellence, we see people and Artificial Intelligence working in symbiosis to help businesses survive and grow. smartboost is focused on impact and transparency and our technology is in a constant state of transformation.

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