COVID-19 Patients Should Avoid THC

Studies Find Potential Harmful Side Effects of Cannabis on Infected Coronavirus Patients

MISSOULA, Mont., March 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aurelius Data, the first global patient perception big data company in plant-based medicines, cautions the public against the potential harmful side effects that can come from consuming cannabis products with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) if a patient is infected with COVID-19.

“We know that the epidemiology of COVID-19 is similar to the influenza virus and has a similar disease presentation. And we know that in studies1 where THC was administered to mice with influenza, we saw an increase in viral loads and a decrease in the immune system to fight off the virus. It stands to reason that the same would hold true for Coronavirus and THC consumption could diminish the immune system of someone infected with the virus,” said Aurelius Data CEO Julie Armstrong.

More research is required to accurately map the relationship between the immune and endocannabinoid systems, but it's well established that CBD helps to modulate autoimmune and inflammatory responses.

“Although no clinical trials exist showing poorer outcomes in patients infected with COVID-19 who use therapeutic or recreational cannabis, the data from pre-human studies urge caution for these individuals in the face of the current viral epidemic,” notes Barry Mennen, MD, a clinician who utilizes medical cannabis in his primary care practice.

Aurelius Data has prepared a brief survey to better inform patients on how cannabis consumption affects viral infections. The questionnaire will ask a patient’s symptoms, if they are concerned about contracting COVID-19, what conditions they are currently treating with medical cannabis or other pharmaceuticals and what they feel is the effectiveness of the treatment.

The brief survey can be taken here:

“Medical Cannabis patients across this country are going to be affected by COVID-19 just like the rest of the population and they need to be aware of the interactions their cannabis medications could have on this disease. We are working to collect data in this under researched area and provide them with the best recommendations we can moving forward,” Armstrong added.

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Our anonymously gathered data follows HIPPA compliance and immediately benefits the user through a continuous feedback loop of user input, product recommendations and community connection. Our vision is to go beyond the strain and create a reliable product use and efficacy reference for cannabis users. Dr. Barry Mennen who is quoted, is also an adviser to Aurelius Data.

Contact: Gretchen Gailey, Media & PR Advisor, Aurelius Data, 202.489.3821