SEATTLE, March 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 2nd Watch, a leading professional services and managed cloud company, announces 2nd Watch Managed DevOps, a new offering for clients that want the benefits of a DevOps culture, mode of operations, and tool stack powered by GitLab, without the hassle of configuring, deploying and managing the model on their own.

DevOps is commonly defined as a set of cultural values, organizational best practices, and software tools that improve business outcomes by increasing communication and collaboration between business stakeholders, development, QA, IT Ops and security teams. A true DevOps transformation includes an evolution of a company’s culture, tooling, processes, measurement systems and organizational structure — in short, things that cannot be accomplished through automation alone.

The 2nd Watch Managed DevOps offering includes a wide range of fully managed services that enable internal teams to build, test and deploy infrastructure and applications in the cloud in a continuous and automated way. The four-phase process begins with a period of assessment, followed by training, tooling implementation, onboarding to managed services and, finally, managed DevOps. 2nd Watch’s Managed DevOps offering is powered by GitLab, a single application lifecycle tool that provides a Git-repository manager with issue-tracking and CI/CD pipeline features.

“GitLab is thrilled to partner with 2nd Watch to launch Managed DevOps, a new service built on GitLab,” said Michelle Hodges, VP of Channels at GitLab. “This new partnership will enable customers to reduce development process costs and decrease time-to-market, while increasing developer productivity. We look forward to bringing Managed DevOps as a service to our joint customers.”

2nd Watch’s Managed DevOps offering includes these core services:

  • Assessment & Strategy - 2nd Watch will measure an organization’s existing software development and operational maturity, and develop a strategy for where and how to apply DevOps approaches. The assessment will cover the CALMS method: Culture, Automation, Lean Practices, Measurement and Sharing.
  • Team Upskilling - 2nd Watch DevOps experts will assess the skills of an organization’s internal team and its readiness to adopt DevOps tools and processes. 2nd Watch will then train internal teams on DevOps basics, including Infrastructure as Code best practices, Git principles and CI/CD.
  • Implementation - 2nd Watch engineers will implement end-to-end tooling based on the GitLab platform, covering source code management, CI/CD, security, project management, visibility and communication systems, and integrate these with existing tools.
  • Ongoing Management & Coaching - 2nd Watch will manage the tools platform and pipeline for clients, including monitoring, security, backups and patching. 2nd Watch will provide a dashboard and scorecard to help clients stay on track with their DevOps transformation, and ongoing guidance to help them improve.

“Despite the promise of DevOps, internal teams still struggle with conflicting priorities, poor collaboration, technology sprawl, skill shortages and security bottlenecks,” said Chris Garvey, EVP of Product at 2nd Watch. “DevOps can help by simplifying software development, accelerating product delivery, implementing processes to comply with internal controls and regulations, and decreasing downtime and time-to-resolution. We’re excited to help our clients move to a DevOps model, while bringing our immense cloud migration and management experience to bear.”

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