Recombinant Cell Culture Supplements Receive a Boost from Stem Cell Research Ventures; Demand for Novel Vaccines to Act as a Growth Lever, Says PMR

Increasing R&D activities in stem cell space are fueling the growth of the recombinant cell culture supplements market. The growing demand for novel vaccines is accelerating sales of recombinant cell culture supplements, positively influencing market performance.


New York, United States, March 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The global recombinant cell culture supplements market, valued at US$ 320 Mn by the end of 2018, will grow at a steady rate from 2029-2029. The market players are investing in research and development activities to create new vaccines. They are targeting developing nations such as India and China for the same to benefit from their favorable government policies regarding foreign investments. Manufacturers are enhancing their presence across different distribution networks to market their products. 

Recombinant Cell Culture Supplements Market: Key Takeaways

  • Clinical growth factors will hold more than half of the market share owing to their escalated use in clinical studies.
  • Recombinant insulin products will witness rapid growth in adoption through 2010-2029, for its widespread use in cell culture media.
  • Stem cell therapy will generate major revenue in the market on the back of growth in the adoption of treatments and therapies related to stem cells. 
  • Microorganism-based recombinant cell culture supplements will gain rapid traction in the market from 2029-2029.
  • North America will lead the market in terms of revenue on the back of rigorous developments in life sciences.

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Recombinant Cell Culture Supplements Market: Key Growth Drivers

  • Government-supported researches and clinical trials are boosting the adoption of recombinant cell culture supplements.
  • Cost-effective R&D activities in developing economies encourage the use of recombinant cell culture supplements for various activities, creating opportunities for growth in the market.
  • Animal-free recombinant cell culture supplements are gaining popularity in the market owing to the reduced risk of contamination.
  • A high rate of researches in oncology is creating grounds for recombinant cell culture supplements to thrive, bolstering the market expansion.

Recombinant Cell Culture Supplements Market: Key Restraints

  • The shortage of skilled professionals in the R& D segment utilizing recombinant cell culture supplements is a major challenge before the market.
  • Lack of laboratory infrastructure to use recombinant cell culture supplements is hindering the smooth adoption of recombinant cell culture supplements in clinical studies.

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Recombinant Cell Culture Supplements Market: Competition Landscape
The competition landscape is highly intense where every player is expanding its product portfolio to stay at the forefront in the market. established players are acquiring regional players to strengthen their regional footprint. For instance, Thermo Fisher Scientific acquired the bio-processing business of Becton Dickinson to expand its product portfolio.

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