TraQiQ launches TraQSuite: Software platform for distribution of goods and services in the new economy

Bellevue, Washington, UNITED STATES

BELLEVUE, WA, March 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TraQiQ, Inc announced today that it is launching TraQSuite, a distribution platform that allows users to setup task based networks rapidly.

TraQSuite helps its users manage the complete lifecycle of the customer relationship – it starts by putting the end-customer at the center of the eco-system. TraQSuite users can target customers, facilitate/validate transactions, track/manage task workers, manage funds and run the entire distribution network. A key advantage of this system is its ability to bring unbanked customers into the fold.

TraQSuite analyzes customers’ omni-channel behavior and transactions. Using leading AI models, TraQSuite is able to deliver real time, automated and targeted recommendations to customers.

TraQSuite provides customers with more than just another way to pay. A robust wallet enables users to manage and control finances through a convergent platform. Both banked and unbanked users can buy products/services and pay with their mobile device. The multi-party settlement engine enables all members of the eco-system to settle their transactions across all vendors, currencies and geographies

TraQSuite’s Last-Mile software module enables a complete distribution engine. It is architected to manage thousands of task workers across multiple geographies to deliver products and services to the users. The mobile apps enable data sharing, validation and measure customer satisfaction.

TraQSuite is architected for seamless integration with existing systems. This makes is perfect for company’s who are looking for digital transformation solutions that enable them to bring in this functionality rapidly.

TraQSuite is being used by companies in the new economy. The TraQSuite platform powers Mimo Technologies. Mimo is a leading player in India and runs a network of several thousand agents around the country. Mimo facilitates Last Mile delivery and pickup. Amit Joshi, CTO of Mimo said that “TraQSuite allowed to roll out Mimo in a matter of weeks. The product easily adapted to our processes, allowed us to facilitate payments, make delivery and collect customer documents without any significant customization”.

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TraQiQ, Inc. is a global technology company with a suite of products designed to help identify customers, facilitate transactions and fulfill transactions. TraQiQ’s leading edge FinTech and AI solutions have been deployed with leading multi-national customers around the world and are helping increase customer loyalty, improving profitability and driving efficient financial transactions.

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