Endocanna Health Creates Science Board to Further Cannabinoid and Genomics Research

Burbank, CA, March 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Endocanna Health, Inc. (“Endocanna” or “the Company”), a research and development biotechnology company specializing in endocannabinoid DNA testing and precision cannabinoid formulations, announced the formalization of a Scientific Board (“Science Board” or the “Board”) to drive investment in more clinical trials and research. The Science Board will also formalize the process Endocanna currently employs for vetting endocannabinoid, cannabinoid, and genomics research to produce the Endo·Decoded consumer report and endo-compatibility product matching.

“We’re excited to announce the next phase in our pursuit toward validated scientific research. The expansion of our Scientific Board will put us in the optimal position to add significant value to new and ongoing research initiatives in genomics and endocannabinoid science,” said Len May, CEO and Co-Founder of Endocanna Health. “We will continue to look for top researchers and highly respected contributors to endocannabinoid science and phytomedicine industries to join our Board.”

The Endocanna Health Science Board will look at the integral role of plant medicine in modern therapeutics as they pertain to genomics while also evaluating and recommending current and future research in cannabinoids and phytomedicine that Endocanna Health should be involved with.

“We will continue to invest in credible cannabinoid science and research under the guidance of our Science Board,” said May. “Ideally, the team will help us initiate research that investigates the link between genotypes, cannabinoids and personalized endo-compatibility.”

In 2019, cannabis producer Heritage Cannabis Holdings acquired a 30 percent stake in Endocanna Health.

To learn more about Endocanna Health, please visit https://www.endocannahealth.com.

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Endocanna Health is a biotechnology research company that utilizes a patent-pending algorithm and genetic superchip to deliver personalized cannabinoid DNA variant reports, Endo·Decoded™. DNA for the test is either collected through a simple saliva swab or from genetic data files downloaded from popular DNA testing services like Ancestry, 23andMe, Family TreeDNA, or MyHeritageDNA. Endocanna’s health and wellness portal, Mydna.live, provides a personalized experience and cannabinoid product suggestions consumers can take action on immediately. For more information, visit: www.endocannahealth.com.

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