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Paris La Défense, March 26th, 2020 – Nexans announces the launch of a share buyback program for a maximum number of 500,000 shares. The purpose of the program is to limit the dilutive effect of the capital increase of the 2020 International Employee Shareholding plan, Act 2020, which will ultimately be implemented. This program is made pursuant to the authorization granted by the 17th resolution of the General Shareholder’s meeting held on May 15, 2019, and if approved, to the authorization to be granted by the 14th resolution of the General Shareholder’s meeting to be held on May 13, 2020. Nexans has appointed an investment services provider for its implementation.

Financial calendar
May 7, 2020: 2020 First Quarter Financial Information
May 13, 2020: Annual Shareholders' Meeting
May 18, 2020: Dividend – Ex date
May 19, 2020: Dividend – Record date
May 20, 2020: Dividend – Payment date
July 29, 2020: 2020 Second Quarter Financial Information


About Nexans


Nexans is a key driver for the world’s transition to a more connected and sustainable energy future. For over 120 years, the Group has brought energy to life by providing customers with advanced cable technologies for power and data transmission. Today, Nexans goes beyond cables to offer customers a complete service that leverages digital technology to maximize the performance and efficiency of their critical assets. The Group designs solutions and services along the entire value chain in four main business areas: Building & Territories (including utilities and e­mobility), High Voltage & Projects (covering offshore wind farms, subsea interconnections, land high voltage), Telecom & Data (covering data transmission, telecom networks, hyperscale data centers, LAN), and Industry & Solutions (including renewables, transportation, oil and gas, automation, and others).
Corporate Social Responsibility is a guiding principle of Nexans’ business activities and internal practices. In 2013 Nexans was the first cable provider to create a Foundation supporting sustainable initiatives bringing access to energy to disadvantaged communities worldwide. The Group’s commitment to developing ethical, sustainable and high-quality cables also drives its active involvement within leading industry associations, including Europacable, the NEMA, ICF and CIGRE.
Nexans employs nearly 26,000 people with an industrial footprint in 34 countries and commercial activities worldwide. In 2019, the Group generated 6.7 billion euros in sales.
Nexans is listed on Euronext Paris, compartment A.
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