Harmony Place Monterey Invests Time Into Treatment Options for Drugs and Alcohol

Monterey, CA, March 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Mark Schwartz Harmony Place has an evolving career spanning more than 30 years. With a degree in Psychology from Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Schwartz practices in many forms of therapies, including marriage and intimacy issues, family issues, different types of eating disorders, and alcohol or drug addiction. He has edited three books and has lectured more than 50,000 therapists at a national level. Apart from his education and skills, Harmony Place Mark Schwartz is a compassionate person who is the clinical director at Harmony Place Monterey. 

Harmony Place Monterey is a California treatment facility that offers patients care and special attention until they recover from their psychological or addictive problems. The treatment options cover patients who have bipolar disorder, eating disorders, sexual dysfunction, drugs, and alcohol addiction, and trauma and PTSD treatment. With the support of Dr. Mark Schwartz Harmony Place and also Dr. Lori Galperin(senior therapist,) the leadership has over 30 years of experience and guides a competent team of medical practitioners to treat the patients overcome their emotional and psychological disorders. The chemical dependency treatment center stands out as one of the best medical clinics that have helped numerous people to recover from their addictive disorders. 

The center has a complete treatment plan in place to help people who are addicts and cannot stay away from drugs or alcohol. Harmony Place Mark Schwartz and his team at Harmony Place Monterey take the patient in and give them individual attention and check possible treatment options. Often behind the addiction are some root-causes, and the therapy focuses on addressing those reasons so they can tackle the problem first and then implement a recovery program. Helping a patient without solving his mental or psychological issues will only yield temporary results. If you or your loved one is suffering from addiction, have had several failed interventions, and it is putting your personal life and relation at risk, do not waste time. You should contact Harmony Place Monterey and learn about their Drug and Alcohol addiction therapy options. 

The facility first determines the reason for the addiction. Alcohol dependency can come from stress in relations, at work, or other insecurities. Drug dependency includes dependence on medicines as well as illegal drugs. The treatment center analyzes the patient and the extent of the problem. The probe to get as much detail as they can that will help them to treat the patient. The treatment included therapy sessions as well as using medicines. 

The team works by explaining to the patient the adverse effect of drug dependency. Often general help and education give the person the boost he needs to enroll in the treatment plan. In such discussions, the therapist may involve the patient's close family members as well. 

Likewise, there are alcohol addiction treatment programs, drug therapy, the chemical dependency treatment, and sessions on sober living. Harmony Place Dr. Schwartz and his team have years of experience in helping people to cope with addiction, overcome substance abuse, and resume their regular lives. The therapy covers all aspects that will ensure a person does not return to his old addictive habits once he overcomes the addiction. With testimonials coming in from many people who got treatment from Harmony Place Monterey, the place stands as one of the authorities in clinical and therapeutic treatment for people who have long-suffered at the hands of drugs, alcohol, and substance abuse. Today the facility continues to treat thousands of patients to recover from their addictions.



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