COVID-19 Project Donate By Richart Ruddie Showcases Where You Can Help Make a Donation

Important Time to help those in need

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, March 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- COVID-19 Project Donate Richart Ruddie COVID-19 Project Donate Richart Ruddie

We don’t need to discuss how much damage the Corona Virus pandemic has caused. What we need to do is work together at this point and donate to those who can help those that have been affected and or devastated by this pandemic.

This pandemic is affecting all ages, as well as the economy. During these troubling times, there is a dire need for people to pitch in and help fund research and treatments to prevent deaths. There are various ways to make a difference with the recent promotion of covid-19 project donate to help the patients, families, and the economy remain intact.

A post & Youtube video titled COVID-19 Project Donate released by donor and internet entrepreneur Richart Ruddie highlights numerous places around the world that you can donate to at this time. Some of the relief places highlighted in the video and post are:

Give for CDCF --

This organizations donation aids the research and help researchers formulate substantial solutions to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization is built under a robust foundation. Thus, every dollar is spent as planned.

Ronald McDonald House-

Charitable people have an opportunity to choose where their money will go from this site. The RMHC Global chapter to help the children and families affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.
Moreover, the RMHC Chapter in the U.S is another platform where the donation goes to the U.S programs and services to help different families.

Philanthropists can also choose to donate to the RMHC Chapter outside the U.S to help fund different programs and services such as the Ronald McDonald house program to keep families together.

Covid19 response fund

Through this site, donations made across the globe support the WHO organization track and understand this pandemic to formulate vaccines, treatments and purchase the necessary equipment to help the testing program.

Center for Disaster Philanthropy -

This site provides an opportunity to select the amount of money to donate to the CDP through different payment methods. The donator can make donations from any part of the world. These donations help the CDP be ready with containment efforts, recovery activities, and response.

The global health-related organizations, the United Nations, among other organizations are in the front line compiling different donations to help different fund treatment and covid-19 Project donation. These donations are made via online platforms built under transparency. People are guaranteed that the donated money will go into good use.

Since at this time there is no permanent solution and a growing number of cases of people being infected each day it is important that we all do our part to help fight the pandemic together and COVID-19 Project Donate is just one way that those who have the means to help can do so.


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