Verizon Offers Enhanced Pay for Essential On-site Employees

Company now has more than 100,000 employees working from home as part of major frontline redeployment effort to continue serving customers

Highlights include:

  • Essential On-Site Services Pay will be paid to employees who must go into the field to serve customers, maintain networks or work in stores
  • Company installs new dispatch and garage protocols for technicians
  • 70 percent of corporate stores now temporarily closed nationwide
  • Frontline employees included as part of work from home strategy

BASKING RIDGE, N.J., March 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Verizon announced today that it’s immediately implementing a significantly enhanced compensation plan for the company’s dedicated employees who must deploy outside their homes to meet critical customer needs. These mission-critical employees are unable to work remotely as they fulfill and repair broadband orders and connection issues, maintain networks and offer products to customers immediately and in person when deemed essential.

“Now, more than ever, our networks must remain operational as we continue to provide essential services to healthcare workers and facilities, first responders, schools, businesses, and families,” said Christy Pambianchi, Verizon’s Chief Human Resources Officer. “From the very beginning, ensuring the health and safety of our employees has been our highest priority. We’re leaving no stone unturned and doing everything within our power to make sure our employees are kept safe and healthy as they bring essential products and services to our customers.”

The pay enhancements and other changes come as more states around the nation are asking residents to shelter in place because of the coronavirus (COVID-19). As part of the company’s “Essential On-Site Services Pay” program, eligible retail employees will receive an increase in their base hourly rate when working in a corporate-owned retail location. The company’s eligible network, logistics and real estate employees, including field technicians, will receive an enhancement on top of their regular base wages. 

In addition to the wage enhancements for the company’s workforce, the company has made additional proactive changes in order to protect the health of its employees. Currently, more than a third of Verizon’s installation and maintenance technicians are keeping their work vehicles at their homes to support social distancing.

 More than 100,000 company employees are now positioned to work remotely.

More than 70 percent of Verizon’s corporate-owned retail locations are now closed. As part of a massive employee transition plan, the company is preparing to re-train and re-deploy thousands of its retail employees to work-from-home functions. The company has also increased resources and capabilities for handling customer inquiries, sales and troubleshooting using online tools found at and the MyVerizon app. With these virtual tools, virtually any business transaction can now be handled remotely. 

“In every facet of our business, we’ve initiated new and innovative ways to transition traditional roles to work-from-home functions whenever possible,” said Pambianchi. “These new efforts will allow us to redeploy thousands of our retail employees to support customer service functions and engage in telesales from their homes.”

Comprehensive employee leave and assistance policies for COVID-19 issues

Verizon has also implemented a comprehensive coronavirus leave of absence policy. Those who contract the virus are eligible for up to 26 weeks paid leave. For employees caring for someone who’s been infected, for employees directed to stay home due to an underlying medical condition and for employees who have trouble finding childcare at this time, Verizon provides eight weeks of pay at full pay and, if needed, additional weeks with 60% of their base wage. 

Keeping our employees informed

Communication is also key in this crisis, and Verizon has ensured its employees continue to stay informed with the latest information directly from its CEO Hans Vestberg and its Chief Human Resources Officer Christy Pambianchi through a daily broadcast called Up To Speed Live open to anyone via twitter: and on the company’s website: The company has also stood up a resource page for its employees so that they can remain apprised of new developments:

Keeping our customers connected

Verizon’s relief efforts to help customers stay connected include the following: waived late fees and overage charges for 60 days for residential and small business customers impacted by COVID-19, free international calling for consumer wireless and home voice customers to select countries, unlimited domestic calling for wireless consumers on limited-minute plans, waived activation fees on new wireless lines of service and upgrades, additional 15GB of high speed data automatically added for wireless consumer and small business customers, and a new affordable Fios Home Internet option for low-income households.

None of Verizon’s consumer or small business Fios or high speed broadband internet plans have data caps, ensuring that our customers can work from home, learn, game and stay connected without worrying about running out of broadband data. 

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