Senior Living Finds a Solution with Virtual Site Visit Technology: TrueTour™ by Visiting Media

While senior and assisted living facilities close their doors to visitors amid strict quarantine orders, virtual site visit technology brings a solution-oriented workaround to this new normal in senior living care.

Portland, Oregon, USA, March 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, senior and assisted living communities across the United States were seeing positive growth trends, with occupancy starting to increase as move-outs steadily decreased. Even though widespread shelter-in-place restrictions have been implemented across the country to keep the public safe, the need for assisted living and senior care hasn't diminished. A safely quarantined community, which provides access to living essentials, becomes even more important for the most vulnerable segment of the population.

Assisted living communities are put in a bind when multiple decision-makers are required to weigh in and provide support with this important decision. Traditional in-person meetings and walk-throughs are a nonstarter as the safety of their residents remains their number one priority. Luckily, there is a safe and easy-to-use alternative requiring minimal adoption time, providing one-on-one remote training for sales and marketing teams new to virtual marketing SaaS (Software as a Service) technology. TrueTour™ by Visiting Media is an affordable option for communities which have never before seen a demand for virtual experiences like it sees today.

Visiting Media's TrueTour™ sales tool, the leading virtual marketing platform, empowers properties with 360°, 3D and virtual reality presentation, delivery, tracking and integration capabilities. As the premiere virtual marketing solution serving customers around the globe, Visiting Media can photograph a property in record time following strict screening measures, manage the onboarding process from start to finish, train a team with their own dedicated, professional support team member, and integrate the platform’s immersive visuals across all touchpoints - search engine listings, third-party directories, websites, in PDFs, email signatures, printed materials and more.

Visiting Media is rolling out a specific 360°, 3D and still-image multimedia package to meet the needs of senior and assisted living communities which customizes the tool for ease of use. With communities needing to highlight not only their community amenities, but also provide logistic details and planning tools to orient a new resident on move-in, Visiting Media has created a turnkey launch plan to meet residents' and marketing team’s needs.

Referrals from the local medical community can also continue, since the tool is easily shared and leveraged by important local partners. TrueTour provides communities a way to create true-to-life connections with future residents, family members and community organizations unable to step onto the property in person, experiencing spaces without ever leaving their home or office. Building as authentic of a virtual connection as possible is grounding and emotionally gratifying to both marketing teams and customers who are looking for a sense of normalcy amid an uncertain time.

Without knowing how long this pandemic will interfere with everyday life, communities need to prepare for ongoing safety and support of residents while serving as many people as possible. This affordable, easy-to-use, turnkey option can help communities meet the needs of current and new residents for years to come, preparing for anything that might come in the future.

About Visiting Media: Visiting Media is a technology and immersive content production company dedicated to delivering the world’s best visual selling tools to inspire, describe, promote and convey our customers’ spaces as early as possible in the buying cycle. We build innovative and powerful, yet simple solutions that deliver both traditional and immersive (360, 3D, virtual reality) content and focus on making selling easier, pragmatic and more joyful. Our products immediately increase conversions, selling speed, sales team efficiency and actionable data collection. (


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