E-Book & Presale: It’s All in the Delivery-Improving Healthcare Starting with a Single Conversation – written by founder of The Orsini Way – addresses fragmented communications within health care, provides tools to improve patient interactions and outcomes

ORLANDO, Fla., April 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Anthony Orsini, founder of The Orsini Way and a practicing neonatologist, today announces the release of It’s All in the Delivery. Through the book and his communication training company, Dr. Orsini teaches healthcare professionals a new way to communicate for improved outcomes and patient satisfaction.

“We are currently in an unprecedented period of health care – patients are anxious, and medical professionals are stretched thin. Effective communication is more important than ever,” said Dr. Anthony Orsini. “Communication between a patient and provider is not just about providing accurate information. It’s about building a trusting relationship from the very beginning.

“The techniques presented within It’s All in the Delivery are a result of decades of experience and personal interviews with patients and families,” continued Dr. Orsini. “They improve provider-patient interactions, and change the way doctors, nurses and hospital staff members view the entire patient experience. Medical professionals can also use many of these methods as they transition to telemedicine, allowing them to build and maintain rapport with patients even when their interactions are remote.”

It’s All in the Delivery is for health care professionals who want to learn communication techniques to connect with their patients, build loyalty and express the natural compassion that attracted them to medicine in the first place. It’s also for the patient who is unhappy with the impersonal, fragmented healthcare they are receiving and want to learn how to navigate an often-complex healthcare system.

Renowned review site, Feathered Quill Book Reviews said, “Orsini’s method has already been met with acclaim, and his book will undoubtedly find a solid niche in a new age of medicine, as outreach and communication will take their rightful place in patient care.”

Recent research showcases the importance of effective communication in health care, as well as the need for improvement. A survey conducted by The Orsini Way discovered that 71 percent of people had experienced a lack of compassion when interacting with a medical professional; another survey by Software Advice found 94% of patient respondents use online reviews to evaluate physicians, and 72% of patients use online reviews as the very first step to finding a new doctor.

“Dr. Orsini teaches all health care providers how to become increasingly more effective, more efficient and more thoughtful,” said Alan R. Spitzer, MD. “I am incredibly impressed with what he has done and feel strongly that his book should be mandatory reading for all medical students, nurses and other providers during their training.”

It’s All in the Delivery is now available for e-book purchase on Amazon, with physical copies also available for preorder on Amazon. To learn more about The Orsini Way and to purchase It’s All in the Delivery, please visit theorsiniway.com/book/.

Publisher: West Essex Press
Publication date: March 12, 2020
ISBN: 978-1-09830-447-8
Pages: 203
Price: $9.99 e-book / $14.99 paperback

About The Orsini Way:
The Orsini Way by BBN is a groundbreaking organization that shows healthcare professionals a completely new way to communicate, dramatically enhance patient satisfaction, and improve outcomes. The flagship “It’s All in the Delivery” program was designed to create culture change and improve patient satisfaction scores through innovative communication training. Based on proven communication techniques that enlighten healthcare professionals about an entirely new way to enhance the overall patient experience, the program consists of in-person workshops, simulations, and a new interactive digital-learning experience that can be rolled out to the entire organization.

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