How To Repair the Team Development Disconnect

Brandon Hall Group’s 2020 Team Development study reveals employers’ unwillingness, inability to invest in team development improvement.

Boca Raton, April 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Almost all organizations use teams to get their work done, but there is a significant disconnect between their importance and employers’ willingness and ability to invest in tools to optimize team performance.

At least 80% use management, work and project teams. Virtual teams are also used by about 60% of organizations and that rises to almost three-quarters among organizations with 5,000 or more employees.

“It makes no sense,” said Mike Cooke, CEO of Brandon Hall Group. “79% of organizations admitted they don’t invest enough time and budget in team development. Given their dependence on teams, it’s a big oversight and an obvious area for improvement.”

In Brandon Hall Group’s 2020 Team Development study, organizations said that more than anything else, competing priorities are a barrier to effective team development.

“This illustrates a lack of vision regarding the impact of teams and team development, said Brandon Hall Group SVP of Research Claude Werder. “Teams are the future of work. Dedicated team development initiatives have a favorable impact on competitive advantage, revenue growth, employee engagement and employee retention”

The 2020 Team Development Study shows the current state of team development and recommends strategies for success.

To view a summary of the Team Development Study, click here


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