TruCrowd Services Partners With Top-Ten Rated Crowdfunding Portal To Launch Keep The Light On Campaign To Facilitate Micro Funding To Small Businesses Struggling Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Highly Rated Equity Crowdfunding Portal Joins TruCrowd Services To Expedite $10k – $107k Micro-Funding For COVID-19 Impacted Businesses; Will Waive Upfront Fees and Discount Future Compensation

Chicago, IL, April 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- TruCrowd Services, LLC (“TCS”), a specialized provider of digital marketing strategies and marketing services for Regulation A+ (Reg. A+) and Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg. CF) ventures, announced today, that the Company has joined the top-ten rated owner and operator of registered securities crowdfunding portals, TruCrowd, Inc. (“TCI”), to launch ‘Keep The Light On’ (#KeepTheLightOn), a campaign focused on bringing money to small businesses impacted by COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Utilizing a micro-funding strategy, small businesses, as well as those companies and social weavers providing products and services to combat this pandemic (“Angel Businesses”), now have another avenue to secure much needed short-term capital. The #KeepTheLightOn campaign focuses on facilitating between $10,000 and $107,000 to those small businesses that have been fully or partially shut down amid the current pandemic.

“I am confident that the recently passed CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act), will help provide financial relief to those industries that have been hit the hardest,” stated Claudia Ecobici, CEO of TruCrowd Services, LLC. “Unfortunately however, at a time like this, the small business community needs simplicity and speed; they’re quickly drowning! My hope is that #KeepTheLightOn, as a micro-funding campaign, will become a successful financial bridge for small businesses around the country. While waiting to receive money from the stimulus package, ‘Keep The Light On’ could be the difference between a business’s survival and its doors shuttering.”

As a social impact campaign, ‘Keep The Light On’ will offer small and angel businesses the ability to quickly raise between $10,000 and $107,000, through either a loan-based, or equity-based, crowdfunding program. These crowdfunding programs (offered by TCI) will be fully supported by a comprehensive marketing program provided by TCS; complete with a full suite of advertising and communication services. 

Both TCI and TCS have agreed to waive and defer all upfront fees. Small businesses pay nothing (Zero dollars upfront) to TCI or TCS to begin raising money, immediately. TCI and TCS have also agreed to bill all future invoicing at a discounted rate, which is only paid as the small business successfully secures between $10k and $107k. Associated third-party professional fees (accounting, escrow, etc.) while minimal, may potentially be funded by Digital Asset Monetary Network, Inc. (“DigitalAMN” (OTCMKTS: DATI)), if the small business is unable to afford these particular fees.

“Small businesses accounted for over 90% of total jobs lost during the Great Recession,” stated Vincent Petrescu, CEO of TruCrowd, Inc. “While unemployment numbers are projected to reach as high as 30% during this health crisis, we know that so much of this stems from the full or partial closing of young and small businesses. Therefore, it’s now… more than ever, that we all must do everything we can to help.”

“Our participation in ‘Keep The Light On’ is our contribution to the small business community. We hope that by helping to facilitate these $10k to $107k micro-funding, through loan-based and equity-based crowdfunding programs, America’s small businesses will both survive and continue to thrive.” 

Ms. Ecobici continued, “‘Keep The Light On’ is now open and ready to cater to small businesses that need to pay employees, rent, loans, or just be able to financially survive the crisis. The campaign will also help those that find opportunity in this chaos and who might want to develop their online segment, or make a shift to address current demands.

“’Keep The Light On’ is also designed to assist those angel businesses helping to develop the much-needed products, services, or solutions, helping everyday people get through these tough times.”

Ms. Ecobici concluded, “Remember, we all must play a part in the recovery of small businesses.  We sincerely encourage everyone to please nominate a business of your choice to be considered for our ‘Keep The Light On’ campaign. Do not wait for them to hear about us.  This is your opportunity to show your support to a small business near and dear to your heart, or an angel business that you know is making great contributions in the community. We’re stronger together, and together, we will all make it through this!”

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