Outlook on the Worldwide Fish Meal Industry (2020 to 2026) - Fish Meal is One of the Fastest-Growing Segments of the Seafood Industry

Dublin, April 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Fish Meal Market and Volume, Global Forecast by Species, End-User: Chicken, Pig, Aquaculture, Production, Export, Import, Value Chain Analysis" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

This report titledprovides a complete analysis of global fish meal market. Fishmeal is one of the fastest-growing segments of the seafood industry, as well as the fishery industry across the globe. According to the publisher, the Global Fishmeal Market is expected to reach US$ 10.65 Billion by the end of the year 2026.

The main factors contributing to the growth of the global fishmeal market are increasing demand for naturally derived protein additives in animal feed, expansion of the feed industry, extensive development of salmon aquaculture, and increased consumption of fish as a significant food in various regions of the world.

Besides, the significant growth of the aquaculture industry during the forecast period is also propelling the fishmeal industry. Around the world, the number of aquacultures is increasing, and hence the demand for fishmeal is growing. Peru, China, Thailand, Vietnam, the United States, Chile, Japan, Denmark, India, Norway, Ecuador, Morocco, Russia, Iceland, and Malaysia are the major countries that have stimulated the demand for fish meals.

Salmon & trout farmers have expanded their production of salmon to meet the growing demand of customers worldwide as it is a commonly used source of fishmeal. Also, the fish and seafood industry were at a dynamic stage of evolution, where large market players and government fisheries join hands with small-scale inter- and intra-regional fishing farms, resulting in a quality demand loop on the aquatic feed additive market. Furthermore, rising demand for different health supplements for both infants and adult consumers will catalyze demand for human-made edible fishmeal development and incorporate omega-3 supplements.

Globally Peru is the Biggest Producer of Fish Meal

The publisher has studied several major fishmeals producing country market and volume in this report. Countries studied in the report are Peru, Thailand, China, Denmark, Vietnam, Chile, the United States, Japan, Norway, India, Russia, Ecuador, Morocco, Malaysia, Iceland, and others. Peru is one of the largest fishmeal market and volume producing country.

Segment Analysis, Aquaculture is the Largest End-User

According to the Analysis, we have segmented the market and volume on the basis source of fishmeal. We have exposed the market and volume of every species from which fish meal is manufactured. These segments are Blue whiting, Anchovy, Norway Pout, Sardines, Menhaden, Capelin, Send eel, Sprat, and Others.

Also, based on end-users, we have classified the demand and volume of; Aquaculture, Chicken Feed, Pig Feed, and Others. Cyprinids market and volume, eels market & volume, crustaceans market & volume, marine fish market & volume, salmon market & volume, tilapias market & volume, and other aquaculture species further divided into seven parts.

Regional Insights, Vietnam is the Second Largest Producer of Fish Meal

In this report, we have presented a comprehensive study of regional fish meal data. The covered countries are China, Peru, Thailand, Vietnam, the USA, Chile, Japan, Denmark, India, Norway, Ecuador, Morocco, Russia, Iceland, Malaysia, and others. Peru dominates the market by storing significant amounts of fish meal.

Top Importing Countries, China is one of the Largest Importer of Fish Meal

We have covered the top 5 largest importing countries of fish meal in this report. The size of the market is presented in the form of the volume size and its related sector. Moreover, it also covers the complete outlook of each importing country by describing the significant factors and growth potential as well as fish meal demand.

Top Exporting Countries, Denmark is one of the Largest Exporter of Fish Meal

In this report, we have explained the framework of top exporter countries such as Peru, Denmark, Chile, the United States, Morocco, Iceland, and Others. Denmark is one of the largest top fishmeal exporter countries during the forecast period.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Introduction

2. Research & Methodology

3. Executive Summary

4. Market Dynamic
4.1 Growth Drivers
4.1.1 Significant growth of aquaculture Industry
4.2 Challenges
4.2.1 Raw Material Demand-Supply gap and cost fluctuations

5. Market & Volume Analysis - Global Fish Meal
5.1 Market
5.2 Volume

6. Market Share Analysis - Global Fish Meal
6.1 Export by Country
6.2 Import by Country
6.3 Production by Country

7. Volume Share Analysis - Global Fish Meal
7.1 Species
7.2 End-User
7.3 Export by Country
7.4 Import by Country

8. Species Market & Volume Analysis
8.1 Anchovy
8.1.1 Market
8.1.2 Volume
8.2 Blue whiting
8.2.1 Market
8.2.2 Volume
8.3 Sardines
8.3.1 Market
8.3.2 Volume
8.4 Capelin
8.4.1 Market
8.4.2 Volume
8.5 Menhaden
8.5.1 Market
8.5.2 Volume
8.6 Norway Pout
8.6.1 Market
8.6.2 Volume
8.7 Send eel
8.7.1 Market
8.7.2 Volume
8.8 Sprat
8.8.1 Market
8.8.2 Volume
8.9 Others
8.9.1 Market
8.9.2 Volume

9. End-User Market & Volume Analysis
9.1 Aquaculture
9.1.1 Market
9.1.2 Volume
9.2 Chicken
9.2.1 Market
9.2.2 Volume
9.3 Pig
9.3.1 Market
9.3.2 Volume
9.4 Others
9.4.1 Market
9.4.2 Volume

10. Aquaculture Market & Volume Analysis
10.1 Cyprinids
10.1.1 Market
10.1.2 Volume
10.2 Eels
10.2.1 Market
10.2.2 Volume
10.3 Crustaceans
10.3.1 Market
10.3.2 Volume
10.4 Marine fish
10.4.1 Market
10.4.2 Volume
10.5 Salmonids
10.5.1 Market
10.5.2 Volume
10.6 Tilapias
10.6.1 Market
10.6.2 Volume
10.7 Others
10.7.1 Market
10.7.2 Volume

11. Producing Country Market & Volume Analysis
11.1 Peru
11.1.1 Market
11.1.2 Volume
11.2 China
11.2.1 Market
11.2.2 Volume
11.3 Thailand
11.3.1 Market
11.3.2 Volume
11.4 Vietnam
11.4.1 Market
11.4.2 Volume
11.5 United States
11.5.1 Market
11.5.2 Volume
11.6 Chile
11.6.1 Market
11.6.2 Volume
11.7 Japan
11.7.1 Market
11.7.2 Volume
11.8 Denmark
11.8.1 Market
11.8.2 Volume
11.9 India
11.9.1 Market
11.9.2 Volume
11.10 Norway
11.10.1 Market
11.10.2 Volume
11.11 Ecuador
11.11.1 Market
11.11.2 Volume
11.12 Morocco
11.12.1 Market
11.12.2 Volume
11.13 Russia
11.13.1 Market
11.13.2 Volume
11.14 Iceland
11.14.1 Market
11.14.2 Volume
11.15 Malaysia
11.15.1 Market
11.15.2 Volume
11.16 Others
11.16.1 Market
11.16.2 Volume

12. Top Importing Country Market & Volume Analysis
12.1 China
12.1.1 Market
12.1.2 Volume
12.2 Norway
12.2.1 Market
12.2.2 Volume
12.3 Japan
12.3.1 Market
12.3.2 Volume
12.4 Taiwan
12.4.1 Market
12.4.2 Volume
12.5 Turkey
12.5.1 Market
12.5.2 Volume
12.6 Others
12.6.1 Market
12.6.2 Volume

13. Top Exporting Country Market & Volume Analysis
13.1 Peru
13.1.1 Market
13.1.2 Volume
13.2 Denmark
13.2.1 Market
13.2.2 Volume
13.3 Chile
13.3.1 Market
13.3.2 Volume
13.4 United States
13.4.1 Market
13.4.2 Volume
13.5 Morocco
13.5.1 Market
13.5.2 Volume
13.6 Iceland
13.6.1 Market
13.6.2 Volume
13.7 Others
13.7.1 Market
13.7.2 Volume

14. Value Chain Analysis - Fish Meal

15. Production Process - Fish Meal

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