Balpex Members Providing Canada-Wide Relief Thanks to Edgewood Matting

RICHMOND HILL, Ontario, April 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Edgewood Group joined Balpex as a new Vendor in January of 2020 and wasted no time to jump in when duty called. When COVID-19 hit, it is needless to say that stress levels were running high. The community was looking to our political leaders, bosses, landlords, and billionaires to see what lifelines they would throw. But a generous opportunity from Edgewood, an unsuspecting custom matting company, proved that anyone can be a hero.

Edgewood recognizes the Canadian First Responders on the frontlines who are working diligently to keep us all safe. But the physical demand of said standing for long durations does not come without consequence. So Edgewood decided to allocate anti-fatigue mats to be donated to Balpex Member companies for distribution to those on the front lines. Balpex Members responded and there are over 400 mats being sent across the country to help those standing for countless hours on end and serving our most in need citizens.

“We are deeply moved by the kindness that the Edgewood Group is providing to these First Responders and entrusting our Balpex Members to be the ones to provide this generous donation. THANK YOU for your true display of compassion, we are truly #strongertogether!” - Giselle Chartrand, President of Balpex Inc.

Despite its microscopic size, there is no denying that COVID-19 has affected all our lives to some degree. Sometimes it feels like the only way to make a difference is to be rich and powerful. But companies like Edgewood prove that we all have something to give and we can all make a difference when we work together.

ABOUT BALPEX - Since 1973 Balpex has assisted our members to become the most successful group of Canadian entrepreneurs in the distribution channels of Cleaning and Hygiene, Industrial Packaging and Foodservice Packaging products. Through the combination of our entrepreneurial spirit and our collective procurement influence we consistently challenge the current way of doing business in pursuit of excellence. As a not-for-profit association, Balpex exists to support the growth, sustainable profitability and performance of all Stakeholders.

ABOUT EDGEWOOD - Since 1979, Edgewood Group has become the largest full service wholesaler of matting and flooring products in Canada. With a warehouse and head office located in Edmonton, Alberta and additional warehousing in Toronto, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia, Edgewood specializes in the supply and installation of high quality products coupled with excellent customer service.

Edgewood is a team-orientated organization where each team member is a respected and valued asset to their business. With values based in service to others, Edgewood believes in being "uniquely better" and in the importance of supporting our local and global communities through outreach programs that assist the less fortunate. As a company, Edgewood also sponsors over 26 international children through Compassion Canada.

Amanda Wong