LEHI, Utah, April 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SeekXR, a leader of Augmented Reality (AR) experiences, today announced the launch of Seek Education, an online platform and supplemental teaching resource for teachers designed to encourage interactive learning through augmented reality. The platform is being made available for free until the school year finishes at the end of June.

“AR-based learning promotes an engaging educational environment and is changing the way students receive and retain information,” said Head of Seek Education, Parker McDonough. “Teachers and parents are facing a unique challenge right now trying to educate their children from home and we’re pleased to be able to provide a tool that makes their lives easier while giving children, particularly those who are visual learners, a better way to learn.”

Subscribing to the platform provides access to a personal dashboard displaying six core subjects in today’s curriculum, including anatomy, animals, art, biology, history and physical science. Students can then click on these subjects to access menus of relevant AR models such as the solar system or a human DNA strand to make learning more engaging and improve retention levels.

“Until now, there have been some major barriers to entry for teachers integrating immersive technologies into the classroom - think expensive hardware like headsets and apps which only work on certain platforms," commented Jon Cheney, CEO, and co-founder of SeekXR. “By leveraging SeekXR’s core cross-platform technology and applying it to a new market, we’re able to make educational AR experiences available to everyone on any device.”

For now, Seek Education is focused on providing resources for K—12 students, but it will expand its content library to serve learners all the way up to the university level in the near future. The platform also plans to give creatives the opportunity to publish their own high-quality 3D models to the platform and share in the profit pool based on views.

Seek Education is available now. Following the free access period, the platform is available for $3.99 per month for an individual subscription or $19.99 per month for an entire classroom.

For more information visit: https://education.seekxr.com/

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