SANTA MONICA, CA, April 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE – Oliveda International, Inc. (OTC Pink: OLVI), a leading international natural cosmetics and wearable beauty and health technology innovator, today announced OLIVEDA Signature, the co-creation of unique and exclusive signature brands. With OLIVEDA Signature, "Social Media Celebrities" with a reach of more than 300,000 followers, are offered the chance for an exclusive and unique organic skin care line.

In order to meet the holistic ecological requirement "from the roots of the trees to development and the final product," OLIVEDA invests approximately $100,000 per cooperation, in just the first stage, with the goal of saving another 1,000 hundred-year-old mountain olive trees, which are the basis for the development up to the final product and the subsequent production can take place.

In 2001, OLIVEDA founder Thomas Lommel developed the first OLIVEDA product in the now legendary olive tree house. Unique in all OLIVEDA products is 70%-95% more effectiveness than in conventional cosmetics since OLIVEDA replaces the usual water phase with the cell elixir of the olive leaf, which allows the olive tree to live up to 4,000 years old with the highest vitality.

By 2008, Life & Style, among many other magazines, had already headlined that Madonna was the newest OLIVEDA fan.  In 2011, Gala reported that Charlize Theron and Madonna were supporters of the Olive Tree Therapy developed by OLIVEDA, "10 years in 14 days." The effectiveness of Olive Tree Therapy has been confirmed by conventional medicine. In recent years, all the important high-gloss magazines from Vogue and its international editions in Taiwan, Italia, Germany, and many others, as well as thousands of reviews from our customers, have confirmed the unique and life-changing quality of our preparations.

With OLIVEDA Signature, based in Los Angeles, Oliveda International is now offering, for the first time, a few social media personalities the opportunity to develop their exclusive products on this unique basis of 70%-95% more effectiveness and to offer them to their followers and also in retail.

Since the preservation of nature is a top priority for OLIVEDA – we love our trees – in the first step, we invest in 1,000 hundred-year-old mountain olive trees, which are numbered and labeled with the names of our Social Media Celebrities and from which the eco-balance of their trees is then calculated. For example, how much CO2 their trees compensate for and how many people they supply with oxygen, how they contribute to biodiversity and protect the soil from erosion and, at the same time, deliver the most wonderful active ingredients for external and internal maintenance, which then flow directly into their preparations, year after year, in harmony with nature.

The skin care preparations, which we then develop on the strength of the mountain olive trees, are not only coolly packaged in pharmacists' jars, but also contain the life-changing effectiveness, for which we train our celebrities regularly during online workshops and so, over time, coach them to become specialists.

What this can mean for you, as a Social Media Celebrity:

  • Even higher credibility, thanks to your own and exclusive cosmetic line with an ecological fingerprint and authentic nature protection
  • Additional and regular PR and further growth and presence in online and print media
  • Dynamically growing and sustainably stable income in the 6-digit range

What you need to bring:

  • Love of nature
  • Love for our OLIVEDA products
  • Would you like to revolutionize the skin care industry with us?
  • Appropriate range and successful test

What we do:

  • In the first step, we invest in your trees and in recipes tailored to you, the production of the first products as well as PR, marketing and training in the amount of approximately $100,000
  • Your products are developed on the basis of our worldwide unique position (70% to 95% more active) in exclusive OLIVEDA quality for life-changing results.
  • We take care of everything from development to shipping.
  • We promote your further growth and are ready to market your products, not only online but also offline in our exclusive stores in your region.
  • We take care of your PR in online and print media and organize events at which your skin care is presented.
  • After a successful first year, we are investing in the further expansion of your own skin care line.
  • We organize international events with international partners.

Oliveda International, Inc. 

Founded in 2003 by German real estate investor Thomas Lommel, Oliveda International, Inc. is a leading international natural cosmetic company in the premium segment.  The company has also developed a globally unique wearable beauty and health technology. In addition to online sales and a global branch network of 650 retail stores, the company’s wholly owned Oliveda Deutschland GmbH subsidiary operates flagship stores, Olive Tree Pharmacy, in Berlin and Dusseldorf with plans to open new locations in Los Angeles, Taipei and Seoul. Overall, the company believes that it will be able to operate a total of 60 of its own flagship stores worldwide and increase the retail store network worldwide to 1,200 over the next five years. Through subsidiary operations, Oliveda International is the largest investor in eco-certified mountain olive trees as well as the largest conservationist in Arroyomolinos de Leó, Spain. Further information on Oliveda International can be found at,, and   

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