ALAN Launches Supply Chain Intelligence Center For COVID-19

San Marcos, California, UNITED STATES

LAKELAND, Fla., April 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As COVID-19 continues to challenge freight flows, a longtime logistics relief group is fighting back with an advanced visibility dashboard that it’s releasing free of charge to all U.S. businesses and non-profit organizations. 

Earlier today, the American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN) launched the ALAN Supply Chain Intelligence Center (, which provides a cloud-based, real-time view of the latest COVID-19 impacts via an easy-to-use map. The map includes the status of roads, ports and airports as well as the latest policy changes at national, state, local and county levels.

“Right now, organizations have to navigate a very fragmented landscape as they work to deliver essential commodities. And new policies with new supply chain consequences and opportunities seem to be unfolding faster than most groups can keep pace,” said ALAN Executive Director Kathy Fulton. “This tool is our ‘We’re all in this together’ answer to that challenge.”

The ALAN Supply Chain Intelligence Center is provided by ALAN as a free-access layer on the Riskpulse platform, a tool used by many global companies and government entities to visualize and analyze supply chain risk. ALAN has mobilized a team of volunteers who update the dashboard daily from the many disparate government sources that share closure or waiver information.

“During disasters like this, few things are more important than accurate visibility to the situation on the ground. But getting that visibility often puts a huge burden on organizations at a time when they’re already overloaded,” said Fulton. “Now, rather than numerous entities across the country working overtime to collect and analyze the same critical pieces of information, this dashboard will serve as a single, unified source.”

“We’re thankful it was ready in time to be of use during this pandemic and hope it will pave the way for better and faster response during all future crises – expediting the delivery of medical supplies, food, and hydration. And we’re grateful to Riskpulse for making it possible.”

About ALAN: Founded in 2005 in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, ALAN is a philanthropic, industry-wide organization that provides free logistics assistance to disaster relief organizations before, during and after catastrophic events. It does this by bringing the expertise and resources of the logistics industry together with compassionate organizations so that help can arrive sooner, and each relief dollar can be maximized. Over the years it has coordinated humanitarian supply chain services for natural disasters including hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes and floods. To learn more visit

About Riskpulse: Riskpulse is a supply chain risk analytics company that helps its clients and their partners increase the predictability and stability of their financial and physical operations globally. Many of the largest food shippers, consumer packaged goods manufacturers, automakers, and retailers trust the Riskpulse Score (RpS) and the Riskpulse suite of cloud-based software applications to standardize their quantification of risk and automate their operational planning. Commodity investment firms depend on Riskpulse probabilistic forecasts and advisory services to guide their understanding of weather’s impact on supply and demand. Headquartered in Austin, TX, Riskpulse is rapidly becoming the standard way for members of the supply chain to get the signals they need to optimize for risk. For more information, go to:

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