Two Louisville Companies Join Hands in this ‘New Normal’ to provide a fully-managed Cloud based EDI and API Integration Solution to their customers

Louisville, Kentucky, UNITED STATES

LOUISVILLE, Ky., April 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Infocon Systems, a leading custom EDI and API Solutions company, announced its integration with SkuVault, also a Louisville based popular Inventory and Warehouse Management software company supporting 5k+ commerce customers across the world. With this partnership, suppliers working from home are able to migrate from their on premise legacy EDI and ERP software to a flexible cloud based solution. It offers an automatic transfer of EDI documents including, but not limited to Purchase Orders, Invoices, Advance Ship Notices and Inventory Advices between the two cloud based platforms seamlessly and frees the teams to navigate these unprecedented times in business.

Infocon Systems’ proven integration into SkuVault gives a unique advantage to its customers looking to quickly onboard trading partners/retailers while easily scaling up their EDI document volumes in days. This fully-managed agile solution eliminates the need for manual data-entry, fastens the order-to-cash cycle, reduces errors and in-house costs.

Infocon Systems Cloud EDI Integration with SkuVault enables its users:

  • intuitive web-portal access from anywhere
  • to rapidly deploy new multiple trading partners and exchange business documents between the two platforms without interruption
  • to eliminate manual data entry and focus on their core business
  • to quickly scale to high EDI document volumes

Our complete EDI Integration Solution for any industry and any trading partner provides our customers the right tools, remote training and continuous 24/7/365 support to exchange business documents with their trading partners.

"It's an exciting opportunity to work with another Louisville business with such a similar mission than ours. Together, Infocon Systems and SkuVault offer a seamless B2B workflow for businesses of all types and sizes," said Neil Nijhawan, Vice President at Infocon Systems.

"A SkuVault-Infocon Systems integration provides mutual customers with a system that is streamlined with real-time control of their warehouse and inventory activity, while simultaneously supporting exchange of documents and data within the supply chain," said Kim Wren, Director of Business Development at SkuVault. "This gives users the ability to reduce inventory carrying costs, provide labor savings, and inbound freight expenses."

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About SkuVault

SkuVault provides a cloud-based inventory and warehouse management system designed for businesses looking to scale with a competitive eCommerce and omni-channel distribution solution. Delivered via a Software-as-a-Service model, SkuVault's product is directly integrated with channel management systems, eCommerce store platforms, shipping software and many other operational technology platforms, creating a more seamless experience for its customers and allowing for a more streamlined product fulfillment. For additional information, visit

About Infocon Systems

Infocon Systems is an established EDI solutions company providing a fully managed, easy to use Cloud-based platform and B2B integration into your core business applications. Headquartered in Louisville, KY and backed by a dedicated team of experts for over 30 years, Infocon has been connecting EDI partners with their customers and suppliers, while maintaining seamless workflows to make your transaction processing the most efficient. Infocon’s friendly and knowledgeable support team offers 24/7 follow-up, and allows Infocon to make a difference where it matters the most. For more information, visit and contact us at

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