New York, April 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Knoema, the provider of an end-to-end data and knowledge management platform and one of the largest global repositories of public data, is partnering with members of the alternative data community to provide the general public, media outlets, and policy makers with free data resources, visualizations and dashboards related to COVID-19.

The founding coalition of alternative data providers includes: Advan (geolocation data), Apptopia (mobile app performance metrics), Cognovi Labs (AI-powered emotion analytics), Earnest Research (consumer analytics), M Science (consumer, industrials, tech, media and telecom), MedMine (medical devices and hospital supplies procurement data), Prosper Insights & Analytics (consumer confidence, spending and retail) and SimilarWeb (digital data).

Public data sources related to COVID-19 specifically include: The Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and the COVID Tracking Project.

General Public and Media Outlets Availability

Available immediately on its website, Knoema has created a free dashboard with downloadable COVID-19-related data sources and charts to help track its global spread and impact on labor markets, consumer sentiment, travel, entertainment and more.

Customizable Data Portals and Charts for Policy Makers

For policy makers, Knoema is leveraging its technology and data assets to build free, custom COVID-19-related data portals, catalogs and charts to help support fact-based reporting and non-partisan policy making. Each of the coalition’s alternative data providers have also agreed to make some of their data available for free to this group. Contact for more information.

Charles Poliacof – CEO, Knoema
“We have decided to put some of our commercial interests aside at this time to focus on providing key decision makers with the data vectors they need to make the most informed, fact-based policy decisions and for helping the media keep the public well-informed.”

Yiannis Tsiounis – Ph.D., Founder & CEO, Advan
“We are really pleased to provide our geolocation data to this initiative. Understanding and tracking the spread of COVID-19 is key to slowing down its spread and to ensuring a swift recovery. Location data is an essential way to understand how and when people are moving and how behavior is changing, so that we can learn in real-time the best way to manage the pandemic within our communities.”

Jonathan Kay – Co-founder & COO, Apptopia
“In times of crisis or volatility, data becomes crucial to understanding and quantifying the change happening around us. As a healthy business, with a lot of mobile data, we want to do our part to help make sure policy makers are in the best possible position to make decisions that are of the utmost importance right now.”

Beni Gradwohl - Co-Founder and CEO Cognovi Labs
“We are excited to apply our EMOTION AI capability to Knoema’s effort and help measure and mitigate the social and emotional impact from the pandemic.”

Kevin Carson – Founder & CEO, Earnest Research
“We are thrilled to partner with Knoema on this effort, which will significantly expand how we serve government agencies. We feel fortunate to help policy makers during this incredibly challenging time.”

Elizabeth Coleman – Head of Product, M Science
“Our clients have relied on us for over 15 years for insights and intelligence through several periods of uncertainly. Choosing to provide insights to policy makers at economic agencies was a clear next step, as we believe the intelligence will provide guidance and help them map a way forward.” 

Dale Shivnarain – Founder & CEO, MedMine
“Hospital supply chain data is essential to understanding the healthcare system’s capacity to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.  MedMine is pleased to provide its Medical Devices and Hospital Supplies Procurement Data in partnership with Knoema and other alternative data providers to ensure US Government Agencies have all the necessary information and tools at their disposal to combat this crisis.”

Phil Rist – EVP of Strategic Initiatives, Prosper Insights & Analytics
“We are really pleased to be included in the new special Government Portal being developed by Knoema that is specifically devoted to data related to the Worldwide Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis. The monthly U.S. consumer data from Prosper will be out front and beneficial in understanding key trends that are developing from both a macro and micro level. The monthly Prosper data provides an excellent roadmap for building various projection models and function as a key piece all machine learning related functions.”

Ed Lavery – Director of Investor Solutions SimilarWeb
“We are very excited to be partnering with Knoema and with other alternative data providers to freely offer key decision makers critical near real-time web traffic data in these times of need. We feel fortunate that SimilarWeb can provide much needed transparency on what is actually going on to keep the public well informed.”

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