Anthony Van Johnson Chronicles His Journey To Becoming A Successful Attorney

Atlanta, GA, April 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Anthony Van Johnson Lawyer is the son of a highly decorated military pilot. He grew in a disciplined environment and looked up to his father who served gallantly in many overseas missions. It comes as no surprise that Anthony later enlisted in the army like his father before him.

During his formative years, Anthony developed a passion for music, aviation, martial arts, and diving. In turn, these interests played a major role in shaping his future. He transitioned from being an infantry squad leader in the army to becoming a professional musician and eventually a certified legal professional.

As a musician, he performed in various parts of the United States, including San Francisco. He also traveled to countries in Europe as part of a band. In some cases, he performed in musical theaters and recording acts. These escapades provided exposure to the gifted Anthony. He can play different types of music genres.

On another level, Attorney Anthony Van Johnson demonstrated skill as a competitor and instructor in various styles of martial arts. He participated in many tournaments hosted is several states and abroad. These activities gave rise to a competitive spirit. 

The law firm

Anthony Van Johnson Atlanta started his private practice after spending time in the military. He was part of the U.S. Army Mounted Color Guard & Drill Team. Additionally, he served as an infantry squad leader, a role that he handled with excellence. 

Anthony also spent considerable time as a professional musician and worked in the nuclear industry as a senior health physics technician. Given this background, he entered law practice with diverse skills that most law graduates lack. Upon graduation from law school, he aimed to start a law firm and work as a trial lawyer. 

Initially, Anthony worked at another law firm where he found himself taking over the duties of a departing attorney. During the early days at the firm, he felt overwhelmed by the number of criminal cases thrown at his desk. Fortunately, he handled the challenges with determination and gained the much-needed experience.

Bolstered by the experience, Anthony O Van Johnson left the firm after one and a half years to start his private practice.

Client reviews

Attorney Johnson attracts many positive reviews thanks to his professional approach to law practice. According to a review posted by Jamie L. from Atlanta Metro Area, the service is excellent. The happy client recommends Anthony O. Van Johnson to anyone looking for an experienced trial lawyer capable of handling even the toughest cases.

The reviewer also praises Anthony by highlighting his outstanding skills in addition to being smart, reliable, and compassionate. Most clients are impressed with positive results. The client says that Johnson worked wonders in their divorce case after trying two other firms with unsatisfactory results.

It is no wonder that the client is satisfied after experiencing a troublesome time trying to find the right attorney. At some stage, the client's cases were dropped by the second lawyer in collusion with the first attorney. Fortunately, Anthony came to rescue and finally the case was resolved.

In the end, the divorce was settled professionally in stark contrast to the first attorney who bungled the matter. The issue had dragged on for a long time and the client felt distraught. At some point, the client was pressured into signing pre-marital rights and property based on the court temporary orders, which had been kept by the unscrupulous attorney.

This positive review demonstrates the skill and professionalism of attorney Johnson. 


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