Effective Treatment Program For Anyone Battling With Bipolar Disorder From Dr. Mark Schwartz Harmony Place Monterey

Monterey, CA, April 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Mark Schwartz Harmony Place Sc.D. provides comprehensive treatment for bipolar disorder at their Monterey, CA facility. Also known as manic-depressive disorder, Harmony Place Monterey treats this progressive illness so that patients can stop the cycle of dramatic ups and downs, and prevent further deterioration to their brains and their lives. Bipolar disorder has a disruptive effect on the brain leading to difficulties regulating moods and functioning in everyday life without treatment. Left untreated, life for these people can be difficult to say the least.

Harmony Place's Mark Schwartz treats three variations of this disorder. The categorized are bipolar disorder I, bipolar disorder II and Cyclothymic disorder. Bipolar disorder I is characterized by extreme mood swings lasting for days, and often requiring hospitalization. It is usually followed by extensive periods of depression. Bipolar disorder II is similar to one, but with lower intensity. Cyclothymic disorder is defined by extended cycles of Hypomanic or depressive episodes presenting in bursts over the course of a year or two. 

Harmony Place Mark Schwartz, Sc.D., the head provider at the facility, wants to take the stigma away from mental illness and bipolar disorder in particular, and the drug treatments that allow patients to manage their lives. The first step is recognizing the symptoms. Bipolar patients are known for extreme mood highs and deep, deep lows. A manic episode may include a feeling of being "on top of the world" or invincible. Afflicted persons may engage in high-risk behaviors, be highly agitated or irritable and have chronic insomnia.

The depressive episodes that follow the manic ones are the exact opposite. Patients feel sluggish, don't want to get out of bed, have extreme anxiety, are suicidal or simply have no interest in life. There are even mixed feature episodes where a person can appear to be full of energy but is actually feeling depressed. While these may sound like symptoms everyone can relate to, Dr. Schwartz wants the public to understand that while most people can monitor and control their moods to some extent, a person with bipolar disorder cannot.   

Bipolar disorder is difficult to live with and can be inaccurately diagnosed in the beginning. Symptoms such as Hypersexuality, sudden &/or violent mood swings and manic periods of high energy activity are often ignored, or written off as indicative of that person's personality. At Harmony Place Monterey, these symptoms can be properly diagnosed and treated using a multifaceted approach that has been proven to help patients manage their disease and live satisfying, normal lives. 

Harmony Place focuses on helping patients and their families manage medications, get on the right medications, manage depressive episodes, manage social interactions and recognize the signs of an impending episode of Hypomania. While other facilities may only focus on giving the patient a quick prescription with no supervision and scattered follow-up, Harmony Place uses a comprehensive approach that adDr.esses not just how the client is presenting now, but the underlying issues as well.

The goal is to stabilize the clients' mood and begin assessing their needs for medications, psychotherapy, healthy lifestyle choices and family communication assistance. Without proper treatment, bipolar disorder can cause a person's life to spiral out of control. Harmony Place Dr. Schwartz believes their treatment program can prevent that, and offer the hope of a normal life to people who never thought it would be possible.

Harmony Place Monterey is PHP/IOP center for treatment located on the beautiful Central California Coast. Their focus is addiction recovery and mental health issues, including bipolar disorder.


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