SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ClickIPO Securities, LLC (ClickIPO), the IPO Marketplace, a first-of-its-kind fintech platform that enables individual retail investors to participate in public offerings using their existing brokerage account, is pleased to announce it recently participated in its 100th public offering and is opening its service to all qualified online brokerages and financial advisors.

ClickIPO has established a true marketplace and works directly with Issuers, Underwriters, Online Brokerages and Financial Advisors, coordinating the book building process, order entry, allocations, and compliance. The Company has participated in over 100 offerings including both Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Directed Share Programs (DSPs), and Follow-on Offerings which trade on major US stock exchanges. The ClickIPO platform can be integrated into any brokerage or financial advisory platform, making it easy for anyone to access capital markets products.

ClickIPO has partnered with the following firms:               

TradeStationScore PriorityAutoShares
WebullRedBridge Securities (BBAE)ViewTrade
Just2TradeETNATradier Brokerage
SogoTradePlanner SecuritiesYuanta Securities (Korea)

The financial services industry is going through a major transition to low and no-fee wealth management, new investing tools, and mobile-first platforms. Now, with ClickIPO, brokerage firms and financial advisors have the ability to access new investment products that have typically been limited to institutional investors and larger accounts. Democratized access to a wide range of capital markets products, such as IPOs and Follow-on offerings, is finally available to individual investors that have or start an account with one of ClickIPO’s partners. Investors, regardless of their portfolio size, can access offerings using their existing brokerage account to research offering data, get real-time alerts when new offerings are listed, and to participate in public offerings.

Scott Coyle, ClickIPO’s Founder and CEO commented, “Completing our 100th Public Offering is a great achievement for us. We’re very thankful to the underwriters and brokerages that have partnered with us to achieve this accomplishment. I’m very proud of our team. Access to capital markets products has traditionally been a very complex process, we’ve been able to build an easy-to-use platform for everyone involved.”

ClickIPO has revolutionized capital markets products in numerous ways by modernizing and streamlining the order taking process for new  issues as well as meeting regulatory requirements. For underwriters, the platform acts as a book building platform that provides insight into interest level, as well as meeting minimum shareholder levels and round-lot order requirements. For online brokerages and financial advisors, ClickIPO provides a turnkey platform that enables them with the ability to offer capital markets products, creating a new revenue stream, increased customer engagement, new accounts, and increased Assets Under Management.

About ClickIPO
ClickIPO Securities, LLC, exclusively offers the mobile ClickIPO platform designed to give Individual Investors access to hundreds of IPOs and Secondary Offerings each year. Its technology gives Underwriters valuable insight into investor behavior through the data it gathers providing underwriters with a meaningful retail distribution channel from a single channel.

ClickIPO Holdings, LLC is the parent company of Click IPO Securities, LLC, and owns the proprietary technology application known as ClickIPOTM. ClickIPO Holdings has granted Click IPO Securities, LLC an exclusive and perpetual license to use the application and authorization to relicense it for use by other registered broker dealers, including your broker dealer of record. The application might not be available in some jurisdictions. ClickIPO Securities, LLC is a broker dealer registered with the SEC, and is a member of FINRA and SIPC.

Marcus Freeland
Marketing at ClickIPO