ERIE, Pa., April 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In 2004, Texas mandated financial literacy courses in high schools. In the third year of the program, students participating saw their credit scores increase by 31.71.* To help educators teach the important basics of money management and assist in developing successful adults, recently introduced Financial Literacy, its newest video teaching unit.

“Understanding money in/money out – it can seem very basic, but clearly it is not,” said David L. Bahnsen, renowned portfolio manager, author and financial commentator for CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Fox News, and’s Financial Literacy. The 16-minute video helps students understand those basic, essential financial topics – making money, spending money and money management.

“Teachers recognize one of the most practical things students can learn in high school is money management,” said Susan Gable, director of education at “Our Financial Literacy teaching unit makes the subject interesting and helps educators navigate the basics of financial understanding for their students with standards aligned materials.”

Financial Literacy is available free to educators and others who work with students via streaming or downloading directly from The teaching unit is designed for grades 6-12+ and covers standards alignment for economics, mathematics, and business and family and consumer science. Its accompanying Teacher's Guide includes vocabulary, discussion questions, a quiz, and additional activities like a worksheet to help students understand the time value of money. The new teaching unit is easily used for remote learning. DVDs can be purchased for $15. The DVD and streaming versions are closed captioned in English.

Additional videos that teach financial responsibility at a young age and are popular among students include Sneaker Money, the story of a teenage entrepreneur who runs the first pawnshop that specializes solely in sneakers; Where did my money go?, an explanation of the taxes taken out of a young individual’s first paycheck; and 4 Ways to Spend Money, an explanation of Noble Laureate Milton Friedman’s premise that there are only four ways to spend money.

About specializes in creating free, standards-aligned content for teachers that fosters critical thinking and respectful debate among students. With over 11.3 million views of their videos last year, offers a library of more than 60 video-centric teaching units, all with teacher’s guides that include lesson plans, worksheets, discussion questions and quizzes. also offers a Current Events service, complete with two daily articles, discussion questions, and vocabulary, all at no cost to educators. Each school year, U.S. educators can receive one free DVD from’s library as well as unlimited downloads and streaming.

More than 300,000 U.S. teachers have accounts today, and according to over 30,000 recent quizzes taken by middle and high school students, videos and the ideas presented within those videos have a documented 76 percent comprehension rate. For more information, visit the website,

*FINRA Investor Education Foundation

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