PathogenSafe™ Sanitization System Available for COVID-19 Decontamination of Large Areas

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo., April 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As venues of all sizes struggle to sanitize their locations to protect clients and workers whenever quarantines are lifted, a Colorado company has developed a system for making this effort fast, effective and affordable.

Resource West Incorporated’s (RWI) engineer, Robert Ballantyne, created a mail handling novel unit in 2001 to combat the anthrax scare.

The PathogenSafe™ Sanitization System offers wide-area delivery of control droplets of any of the four major sanitizers; alcohol, ammonium, bleach, and hydrogen peroxide.  All are designed to destroy a wide variety of pathogens, targeting bacteria and viruses. RWI offers two chemical concentrates ready to mix and branded for client use.

There are two unit sizes. The larger model handles large outdoor public spaces, parks, airports, shopping malls, university campuses and buildings, large or small retail stores, convention centers and more. The second has a lower trajectory suited to smaller indoor or outdoor venues.

PathogenSafe is uniquely able to cast and cover thanks to high efficiency Variable Frequency Drive fans and high pressure fogging jets. Fans create flow, with turbulence distributing the sanitizer without shadowing blocked areas typical with weed sprayers or pressurized dirt removal systems. Instead, the turbulence of the fan’s delivery system evenly coats all surfaces, allowing much closer to 100 percent coverage than present application methods.

The sodium hypochlorite product comes concentrated in five gallon or 55 gallon containers. Sold in concentrate as PathogenKill Hypochlorite™, it allows 200-1 dilution for commercial use. One-minute contact time kills adenovirus, rotavirus, canine parvovirus, hepatitis A, poliovirus type 1, rhinovirus type 37, feline calicivirus, and novel coronavirus.

The quaternary ammonium / isopropanol product also sells as a concentrate in five gallon and 55 gallon containers, allowing 50-1 dilution.  PathogenKill Ammonium™ offers a three minute kill on novel coronavirus and many other pathogens.

Said Ballantyne, “We designed this specifically for COVID-19. It can be deployed as quickly as starting a vehicle and filling a tank with water, which is needed to carry the chemical.”

The unit attaches to trucks, golf carts, tractors and push carts.

Large venues might otherwise be required to deploy large numbers of people with chlorine sprays or wipes, to disinfect everything including hard-to-reach areas, exposing them to possible pathogens. That would be time consuming and spotty in coverage.

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