Green Shield Canada Collaboration With PocketPills Set to Spark Ongoing Digital Health Innovation

TORONTO, April 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With digital health solutions evolving at a rapid pace, Green Shield Canada (GSC) is enhancing its position as an online health leader by partnering with PocketPills, Canada’s leading digital pharmacy. PocketPills manages the full pharmacy experience in a purely digital environment, from discussions with a pharmacist, to refilling prescriptions to ongoing disease management. In the coming months, the two organizations will be collaborating to develop digital health pharmacy solutions, driven by their shared focus on improving access to care and the patient experience – the same motivation that has always led GSC to partner with Canadian Pharmacy, with cardiovascular health coaching, specialty drugs and deprescribing being just a few important examples.

“As a leading advocate for evidence-based digital health technologies and the impact they can have on the health care experience for Canadians, GSC is always on the lookout for like-minded partners ready to innovate on the delivery of critical services,” explains David Willows, GSC’s executive vice president of Digital, Innovation and Brand Experience. “On the heels of our partnerships with digital health leaders like Beacon – for guided mental health therapy – and Maple – for telemedicine – working with PocketPills is a natural and logical next step, and we see great potential in our pooled creative thinking.”

PocketPills has already made a significant impact in the digital space, providing thousands of patients with a convenient digital pharmacy experience by instantly connecting with pharmacists and managing their medications online, through the use of a mobile app. PocketPills uses automation technology to sort patients’ medications by dose and time into easy-to-open PocketPacks. By leveraging technology-driven workflow automation, they are able to reduce the cost of operations, passing savings on to the patient and the benefits plan sponsor through low dispensing fees and free home delivery. This collaboration with GSC promises to provide more options for patients who prefer to manage their health via digital solutions.

“We’re incredibly excited about working with GSC and the doors we can open together to bring accessible and affordable medication to more Canadians than ever,” said Harj Samra, COO of PocketPills. “In an online world, Canadians deserve health care services with a streamlined patient experience, and this partnership is going to take that experience to the next level.”

“Increased adoption of digital health innovations is an outcome that benefits plan sponsors, their plan members and the Canadian health care system as a whole,” Willows adds. “This mirrors GSC’s mission to deliver meaningful solutions to improve health and well-being.”

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About Green Shield Canada

GSC is Canada’s fourth-largest health and dental benefits provider, and is uniquely structured as a social enterprise with the purpose of making it easier for people to live their healthiest lives. From coast-to-coast, our service delivery includes drug, dental, extended health care, vision, hospital, and travel benefits for groups and individuals, as well as administration and benefits management services. Supported by outcomes-based sustainability strategies, advanced technology, and exceptional customer service, GSC creates innovative programs for nearly four million plan participants nationwide.

About PocketPills

By combining technology and personalized service, PocketPills is improving the way prescriptions are filled, delivered, and managed. Established by two pharmacists and an engineer in 2018, PocketPills was formed with the vision of making medication management simple. No more sorting pills, waiting in line, or chasing refills. PocketPills’ solution is an end-to-end system built from the ground up, with members at its core. Through an easy-to-use online platform, members can access the pharmacy whenever they want, wherever they are.