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16:00 London, 18:00 Helsinki, 30 April 2020 - Afarak Group Plc (“Afarak” or “the Company”) (LSE: AFRK, NASDAQ: AFAGR)

Production report Q1 2020

The overall production during the first quarter of 2020 contracted by 42.6% when compared to same period of prior year.

      Q1/2020 Q1/2019 Change FY 2019  
  Group production mt 76,405 133,217 -42.6% 426,774  
    Mining mt 59,949 109,718 -45.4% 357,557  
    Processing mt 16,456 23,499 -30.0% 69,217  
  Speciality Alloys production mt 27,168 24,439 11.2% 100,765  
    Mining mt 19,105 17,286 10.5% 75,251  
    Processing mt 8,063 7,153 12.7% 25,515  
  FerroAlloys production mt 49,237 108,778 -54.7% 326,008  
    Mining mt 40,844 92,432 -55.8% 282,306  
    Processing mt 8,393 16,346 -48.7% 43,702  


  • Afarak Group’s mining activity decreased by 45.4% during the first quarter of 2020 when compared to same period of prior year;
  • Contraction in mining activity was mainly attributable to the no mining activity in the Mecklenburg mine and significantly lower mining activity in the Stellite mine;
  • Minor activity recorded in Vlakpoort mine and Zeerust mine;
  • The Turkish mines maintained efficiency in mining activity results, where it was increased by 10.5% during the quarter when compared to same period in 2019;
  • The current Impact of COVID-19 epidemic had a limited effect on Afarak Group mining activity in South Africa since an approval was given by the authorities that we can continue some mining activity in Stellite mine under strict health guidelines.


  • The production of processing activity decreased by 30.0% during the first quarter of 2020 when compared to same period of the prior year;
  • The increase in production at EWW processing plant within the Speciality Alloys segment was offset by the lower processing activity at Mogale processing plant within the FerroAlloys segment;
  • The production of processed material decreased significantly in the FerroAlloys segment due to Mogale not being in full operation as opposed to same period last year, as both furnaces P2 and P3 were switched off during 2019;
  • Following the nation-wide lockdown in South Africa due to the current epidemic COVID-19, an approval was provided by the authorities for Afarak to continue with production.

Helsinki, April 30, 2020


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Afarak Group is a specialist alloy producer focused on delivering sustainable growth with a Speciality Alloys business in southern Europe and a FerroAlloys business in South Africa. The Company is listed on NASDAQ Helsinki (AFAGR) and the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange (AFRK).

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