Livestream Lockdown Concerts Get Much Easier with Onescreener

Artists can now integrate major streaming platforms into their own sites for COVID-19 era shows; It’s just one more feature the DIY site-creator offers to give artists more control and more time for creativity


Zurich, Switzerland, April 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Oscillate AG announced today that the Onescreener platform has added a gamechanging new feature to its artist website offerings--incredibly simple livestream integration. Inspired by artists and fans who want to participate in streaming concerts but are confused by the wide array of options, Onescreener has made it possible to host shows from the most popular platforms on an artist’s own site, with their own domain name. Try Onescreener now or watch a short demo video.

Livestreaming music is up 47%, but only 12% of fans say they are able to find the shows they want easily (according to PwC).  No fumbling with new registrations or downloads or other confusion. Just let your fans know to go to your site and they’ll be able to watch.

“Onescreener’s mission is to take the need to be everywhere and put it all in one place,” said co-founder and CEO Tobias Horka, an experienced promoter and manager of DJs. “Now we’ve adapted quickly to the rise in lockdown live treams to make sure concerts are getting to audiences in the easiest, most direct way possible.” 

The feature is just one of many reasons Onescreener is becoming a favored way for an artist or band to create its own site. WIth many specially tailored tools--but nothing you don’t need--Onescreener is a streamlined, turn-key solution. It even allows seamless integrations to Oscillate’s OpTuNe platform, where you can manage your entire tour from booking to soundcheck to billing, and manage your team and venue payment as well.  

Onescreener was co-founded by Hork afte he commissioned a study finding that very few bands and artists had a solid online presence of their own, and that those who did rarely visited or updated their sites. (And many were too reliant on Facebook despite growing concerns about trust in that company). 

There’s no excuse anymore: Onescreener allows anyone to make a Google- and mobile-optimized site with their own URL in ten minutes--even from a smartphone. The resulting site displays all essential information including integrations with Bandcamp and Soundcloud and links to all social media channels for an intuiive user experience.  

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About Onescreener: Onescreener is part of the Oscillate AG group dedicated to revolutionizing music industry booking and simplifying self-marketing for artists. Fast, easy, and cost-efficient: Onescreener enables anyone, regardless of any experience in web design, to construct a google- and mobile-optimized online presence using their own personalized domain name within ten minutes – and even makes it possible to create a page using only a smartphone. Onescreener is the modern business card, readily presenting everything from contact details for bookings, artist info and press kits. Onescreener is based at Oscillate AG’s headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. For more information go to


Onescreener has added a game-changing new feature to its DIY site-creator: integration for the most popular livestream platforms. Now artists and bands can send their fans to one simple spot with their own domain name. The Swiss startup was built by DJ scene veterans and wants to give musicians more control in the business. The Onescreener-built site, the Swiss TV presenter Annina Freya's home for her life as a DJ. Onescreener is the easiest, most cost efficient, way for artists and bands to take control over their marketing, promotion and fan access to livestream concerts.

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