New app optimizes home visits for virtual clinical trials

HORSHAM, United Kingdom, May 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cmed Technology announces the encapsia Home Visit app to capture and manage clinical trial data from patients at home or in the community. The app works seamlessly with all the other encapsia apps, including web EDC (Entry app) and direct data capture (esource app) to provide tremendous flexibility in the choice of data capture methods both before and during a study. This helps maintain patient participation and clinical data flow which is particularly compelling to minimize disruption during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as in the new landscape for clinical trials that is expected to follow.

Supplementing or replacing site visits with home visits by nurses allows more patients to be included in clinical trials. For some trials, all assessments can be conducted outside a hospital or clinic while in other trials the number of visits to the hospital or clinic may be reduced. The technology has obvious benefits for very many patients, especially those who are ill or elderly and unable to travel. It may also make patient enrolment easier, faster and more representative of the patient population.

The Home Visit app does not need bespoke hardware, avoiding problems of sourcing and logistics. The Home Visit app is simply downloaded onto a standard iPad and will work in locations without internet access, automatically and seamlessly resynchronizing with the cloud-hosted encapsia servers when a connection is available. The app will guide the study nurse in the accurate and complete capture of clinical trial data with all edit checks firing on entry of data (as in the other encapsia apps). In addition, the encapsia Home Visit app can also provide the nurse with access to other vital patient data such as laboratory reports and study documentation.

Encapsia is powered by a full cloud architecture to enable the collection of all types of clinical trial data from multiple sources into a single data repository and using a single configuration. This structure means any mix of home captured, EDC, eSource, lab data reports or data from wearables is collected into the same data repository and all displayed through sophisticated live visualizations that can be acted upon inside the system. In the same way, encapsia integrates with other information systems including ePRO, eCOA and IRT for real-time visibility of all trial data and streamlined patient interactions.

Dr Timothy Corbett-Clark, Cmed Chief Technology Officer, commented, “Recent events have brought the shortcomings of current EDC solutions into industry awareness. Their age and a history of 'bolting together' different technologies and products has created inflexible solutions that are struggling to adapt to a changing world. Many people working in clinical trials wanted and needed better approaches but change wasn’t given the priority it needed - until now. The future has arrived sooner than expected, so it’s up to us to make something good come out of this.”

The Home Visit app, like esource and Entry apps, also works with the Randomization and Inventory apps of encapsia to support seamless requests for drug dispensation, perform drug accountability and randomization.

Encapsia is available via Software as a Service from Cmed Technology or with CRO services via Cmed Clinical Services.

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Cmed Technology is the developer of encapsia, an innovative, powerful, next-generation clinical data suite. Encapsia delivers a complete solution to gather and manage data in clinical trials with live insights and analytics on trial progress to inform and support management decisions.

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