CoinLinked Debuts as First-Ever Blockchain-Based Social Network and Crypto-Commerce Platform

Crypto-holders now able to purchase any product from any website in the world using digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Tether


Irvine, CA, May 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain Wire)  CoinLinked®, a first-of-its-kind blockchain-based social marketplace, is today revealed as a safe and easy-to-use means for users to purchase any product from any website in the world using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum or stablecoins such as Tether, as well as Fiat. Founded by Wall Street veteran and serial entrepreneur, Jenny Q. Ta, who was also the creator of VCNetwork.Co, a platform connecting VCs and startups, has combined her Wall Street, crypto and social media industry expertise to develop a dually centralized and decentralized social marketplace meant to push crypto into the mainstream.

“Our aim is to grow the crypto industry by connecting the traditional marketplaces of today with the digital currencies of tomorrow," said Jenny Q. Ta, CEO and Founder of CoinLinked. “We’ve designed this platform to vastly simplify the spending of digital assets, making the buying process smoother, faster, more intuitive, and more convenient for today's crypto-holder. By combining a simple and efficient drop-shipping solution with a robust rewards system, the evolution of Social Networthing® takes on a whole new meaning. Especially in light of this new world we’re entering due to COVID-19, we’re streamlining the entire e-commerce process for people who want to move away from the dangers of spending or holding physical currency and want to purchase essential or other goods with crypto-payments.”

The CoinLinked concept takes crypto-based e-commerce to the next level by offering virtually unlimited access to goods and services worldwide while eliminating the need for the slow, unwieldy payment processing protocols that mark the majority of today's crypto-based e-commerce transactions. Since the platform requires no merchant integration, it effectively removes one of the major barriers to entry. Users pay CoinLinked in crypto, and CoinLinked pays merchants in their local fiat, eliminating the need for fiat on and off-ramps. The platform currently accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum, with plans to add additional cryptocurrencies in the months to come.

Additional benefits available to users of the platform include memberships, cash back, and other incentives that let users monetize their social activities, earning rewards that may be used to reduce transaction fees and accrue shipping discounts on products purchased.

Also, features of the network include anonymous verified profiles to any qualified user regardless of celebrity or public figure status, while making sure our users have a place for uncensored access to knowledge. As well as a universal e-commerce feature, which opens an entire world of e-commerce merchants and products to CoinLinked users. There are also multiple revenue-generation opportunities for CoinLinked members to earn revenue for their creative endeavors and as well as incentives to earn through their daily social activities and content sharing.

“With global e-commerce steadily expanding each year and sales projections indicating that the multi-billion-dollar industry will reach new highs in 2021, there’s a clear need for a more fluid and less encumbered method for exchanging cryptocurrencies for tangible goods. CoinLinked is here to fill the need,” continued Ta. “As digital asset ownership continues to rise, this method of payment will become even more viable for buyers and sellers alike as the CoinLinked platform increases the accessibility and efficiency of cryptocurrency payments.”

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About CoinLinked

CoinLinked is a first-of-its-kind social commerce platform powered by a decentralized Blockchain solution to connect the traditional marketplaces of today with the digital currencies of tomorrow. This powerful platform provides a brand-new concept in crypto-commerce by allowing users to purchase any product worldwide using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum or stablecoins such as Tether. CoinLinked makes crypto currency transactions, easy and accessible while having a social networking aspect. Users are also given an entertaining way to make passive income by building their social ‘networth’ with and for crypto currency. Dually centralized and decentralized, this platform provides both security and flexibility that no other social platform provides and requires no merchant integration, so users can complete purchases within a matter of minutes. Founded by Wall Street veteran and social networking entrepreneur, Jenny Q Ta, she is using her Wall Street knowledge to make a crypto-friendly social platform sustainable, to resolve the current problems that exist worldwide for using crypto to make purchases. Learn more about CoinLinked here:

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