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KAPALUA RESORT, Hawaii, May 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Maui Land & Pineapple Company, Inc. (“MLP”) (NYSE: MLP) today announced that major repairs of the West Maui ditch system to restore the damage caused by Hurricanes Lane and Olivia have been completed.

The water from the ditch is used by the County of Maui Water Treatment Facility, Kapalua Water Company, Ltd., and various residents and farmers for drinking, irrigation, and fire suppression. The damage caused by the hurricanes resulted in irregular and inconsistent water availability due to the extensive flooding which reduced the flows and damaged a critical control gate.

As part of the restoration process, a full assessment of the ditch system was completed by MLP’s engineers and contractors prior to commencing the repair effort in December 2019. The first phase of the repair focused on repairing the diversion gate, sluice gate, bridge, access roads, and surrounding intake structures, and was completed in early 2020. The second phase of the repair was completed last week, and that phase concentrated on clearing the ditch and siphons of blockages, landslide sediments, debris, and fixing leaks in the system.

The result is a renewed ditch system. The repaired areas are less susceptible to leaks, more accessible, and now provides consistent water availability to all of the users.


Maui Land & Pineapple Company, Inc. is a landholding and operating company. The Company’s segments include Real Estate, which consists of land planning and entitlement, development and sales activities of its landholdings on Maui; Leasing, which includes residential, resort, agricultural, commercial, and industrial land and property leases, licensing of its registered trademarks and trade names, and stewardship and conservation efforts; Utilities, which includes the operations of its Hawaii Public Utilities Commission-regulated subsidiaries, including Kapalua Water Company, Ltd. and Kapalua Waste Treatment Company, Ltd., and Resort Amenities, which includes the operations of the Kapalua Club, a private, non-equity club providing its members special programs, access and other privileges at certain of the amenities at the Kapalua Resort. The Company owns approximately 23,000 acres on the land of Maui on which it operates the Kapalua Resort community.

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Photos of West Maui Ditch System Before & After Repairs

Before Repairs Photos of Tunnel, Bridge & Gate

After Repairs Photos of Tunnel, Bridge and Gate



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