Fagron shareholders approve all proposed resolutions


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Nazareth (Belgium)/Rotterdam (The Netherlands), 12 May 2020 – 7:00am CET

Fagron shareholders approve all proposed resolutions

Fagron announces today that the annual general meeting of shareholders, held on 11 May 2020, has adopted all proposed resolutions.

The annual general meeting approved, amongst other things, the 2019 financial statements and declared a gross dividend of € 0.08 per share for the year 2019. The shareholders have discharged the directors and the statutory auditor who were active during the 2019 financial year. The shareholders also ratified the decision by the board of directors to appoint Mr. Robert ten Hoedt as independent non-executive director of the Company as from 20 December 2019, to complete the term of the mandate of Mr. Marc Janssens. Furthermore, the meeting decided to reappoint Alychlo NV, permanently represented by Mr. Marc Coucke, Michael Schenck BV, permanently represented by Mr. Michael Schenck, and Mr. Robert ten Hoedt as non-executive director for a period of four years.

Fagron is paying a gross dividend of € 0.08 per share (coupon number 12). This is a net dividend of € 0.056 per share; being the gross dividend less 30% Belgian dividend withholding tax.

The dividend calendar is as follows:
14 May   Ex-dividend date
15 May   Record date
18 May   Dividend available for payment

In the event of differences between the English translation and the Dutch original of this press release, the latter prevails.
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Fagron shareholders approve all proposed resolutions


Fagron shareholders approve all proposed resolutions