BoldCloud and VSEKUR Join Forces to Prepare Companies for 5th Generation Cybersecurity Attacks

San Jose, CA, and Montreal, Canada, May 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BoldCloud and VSEKUR announced today the companies have joined forces to provide the proactive cybersecurity technologies and solutions businesses need to defend themselves in a quickly evolving cyberthreat landscape. Working together, the companies aim to provide the innovative blockchain-based adaptive identity management, data security and data resiliency solutions, as well as advisory services businesses need to stay one step ahead of today’s highly effective cybercriminals. To jointly execute the best product development and go to market strategy, BoldCloud President Bruno Carrier and CEO Marcus Chung have been named to the Board of Directors of VSEKUR.

Today, cybercriminals are unleashing fifth generation attacks, but 97% of the world can only protect itself from second and third generation attacks. This growing divide between the advancing sophistication of cyberattacks and existing security defenses cannot continue without severe impacts to the digital economy, which grows more unstable with each successful attack. 

“Cybercriminals keep gaining ground because they are relentlessly innovating. Businesses need to do the same,” said Marcus Chung, CEO of BoldCloud. “Through our relationship with VSEKUR, it is our ambition to empower businesses with autonomous services and the multi-layered defenses they need to get in front of evolving attack vectors and resolve the cybersecurity workforce skills gap.” 

BoldCloud, recently named Gold Winner of ISPG’s “2020 Consultant of the Year” and Silver winner “2020 Security Company of the Year,” is led by a team of serial entrepreneurs with in-depth expertise in bringing to market the security technologies businesses need to protect themselves from all types of complex and multi-threaded cyber and malware attacks. The VSEKUR team is also known for its ability to deliver innovative technologies and solutions in compliance with the highest security & privacy standards and regulations. Together the companies plan to deliver advanced identity management, data security and data resiliency products and services businesses need to effectively defend themselves against the onslaught of data stealing ransomware and next generation malicious attacks.

“Cybercriminal activity is one of the biggest challenges humanity will face in the next two decades. As an industry, we need to define an offensive cybersecurity game plan that is practical for businesses to implement and ensure the delivery of enterprise-ready solutions ahead of the threat curve,” said JP Beaudet, CEO and Cofounder of VSEKUR. “We are proud to be working with BoldCloud to do just that. By pairing VSEKUR’s ground-breaking technologies with BoldCloud’s expert advisory services, we will be strongly positioned to address a multitude of difficult security challenges businesses will face today and in the future.”

About BoldCloud 
BoldCloud is the award-winning cybersecurity advisor that businesses trust to help them defend against cyberthreats and close security gaps. By delivering expert knowledge and cybersecurity innovations, BoldCloud helps companies worldwide proactively protect their files, data and devices against even the most complex and multi-threaded cyber and malware attacks before things go wrong. With a robust portfolio of email security, ransomware and malware technologies, BoldCloud provides the simple and cost effective solutions businesses need to take a layered and managed approach to data security while maintaining good cybersecurity hygiene.  For additional information, visit

VSEKUR creates secure, user-centric, scalable and effective solutions to help businesses implement trustworthy, burden-free identity and data security management.  The company offers innovative technologies including adaptive biometric IDs, quantum-resistant encryption and advanced data security and resiliency against ransomware and malicious threats.  These “game changing” solutions will help businesses finally stay ahead of cyber-criminals and be safe in an ever-changing internet security landscape. For additional information, visit


BoldCloud and VSEKUR join forces to provide the proactive cybersecurity technologies and solutions businesses need to defend themselves in a quickly evolving cyberthreat landscape

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