Labelbox Appoints Ed Chan as Vice President of Engineering and Dan Buczaczer as Chief Marketing Officer

SAN FRANCISCO, May 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Labelbox, the leading training data platform for production AI, today announced the appointment of two new executives to its leadership team as the company’s growth continues to accelerate: Ed Chan was named Vice President of Engineering and Dan Buczaczer was named Chief Marketing Officer.

“Traditional industries and emerging high-growth industries are all being transformed by the power of Artificial Intelligence,” said Manu Sharma, CEO and co-founder of Labelbox. “In such a competitive market for top talent, we’re very happy to have Ed and Dan join our leadership team. After closing a recent $25 million investment round led by Andreessen Horowitz, winning a prestigious U.S. Air Force contract, and with our training data platform now deployed into hundreds of enterprises and AI startups, we’re looking to Dan and Ed to build out world-class marketing and engineering organizations to take us to the next level.”

Deep learning is a method of teaching computers to recognize patterns, often faster and more accurately than humans. Computer algorithms are trained on hundreds, even millions of pieces of labeled data. Pictures of airplanes, for example, are labeled and fed into the deep learning model until the computer can quickly identify airplanes in images it has never seen. To optimize the efficiency, accuracy and speed of this work, data science teams need a platform and tooling that allows them to work with each other and with labelers around the world.

As a product and engineering-driven company founded by experts in AI, Labelbox conducted a national search for an experienced engineering leader with a track record of success in assembling teams that built hugely valuable products in emerging categories that could scale globally.

Ed Chan was recruited from Box Inc., a data storage company where he most recently served as Director of Engineering, Cloud Storage & Encryption and built and scaled the company’s core content storage infrastructure. Previously he was Head of Voice Connectivity Engineering at Twilio, the communications API company. Prior to that Chan held senior software engineering and management roles at Microsoft, Adobe, Macromedia and Epson. He holds a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

Dan Buczaczer comes to Labelbox from Quid Inc., a text-based-data analysis company, where he led all facets of marketing and brand building as Chief Marketing Officer. Previously he was EVP, Creative Partnerships at Publicis Groupe where he created Zodiac – an unprecedented big data tool and process that visually maps cultural content to inspire strategy and spark creativity. Prior to that he was co-founder and Managing Director of Denuo, a Publicis Groupe company. He holds a BA in Communications from UCLA

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Founded in 2018 and based in San Francisco, Labelbox is a collaborative training data platform for machine learning applications. Instead of building their own expensive and incomplete homegrown tools, companies rely on Labelbox as the training data platform that acts as a central hub for data science teams to interface with dispersed labeling teams. Better ways to input and manage data translates into higher-quality training data and more accurate machine-learning models. Labelbox has raised $39 million in capital from leading VCs in Silicon Valley. For more information, visit:

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