Choice NTUA Wireless Provides Greater Speed & Bandwidth to the Navajo Nation


CHINLE, Ariz., May 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Choice NTUA Wireless, the largest rural 4G Network in the West and Navajo Nation’s fastest, most reliable cell phone and internet service provider, today announced that it has tripled capacity in Tuba City, Arizona and has plans to do so on nearly 40 additional sites on the Navajo Nation throughout the year. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has gained access to 700Mhz spectrum to increase bandwidth and provide faster connectivity to those in need in the Navajo Nation.

In April, Choice NTUA Wireless signed the “Keeping Americans Connected Pledge” in order to provide internet access for Navajo residents, students and small businesses adjusting to the “new normal” of working from and learning in the home. Choice NTUA Wireless is fulfilling this pledge by not terminating services to anyone because of their inability to pay their bills due to the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The company is also waiving any late fees.

“Once the depth and breadth of this pandemic became known, we anticipated that the demands on our network would increase dramatically,” said Clyde F. Casciato, General Manager of Choice NTUA Wireless. “We have taken aggressive steps of securing additional spectrum to double and in some cases triple the capacity of our network. This additional spectrum also required us to purchase considerable amounts of fiber backbone to power our network. While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to present challenges to normal life on the Navajo Nation, Choice NTUA Wireless will remain committed to providing our customers with the fastest, most reliable service we can provide.”

“The demand and need for telecommunications services has never been greater here on the Navajo Nation,” said Christopher Becenti, Executive Director of the Navajo Nation Telecommunications Regulatory Commission. “The Nation applauds Choice NTUA Wireless for its leadership and increased efforts to provide greater services at a time when our People need those services the most.”

During this deeply disruptive time, the Navajo Nation, which has been particularly hard hit by coronavirus COVID-19, continues to work to protect the vulnerable and mitigate the impact of the pandemic. Choice NTUA Wireless will continue to expand its network and service footprint to bring more coverage where it is needed most.

In addition to Broadband and Internet, Choice NTUA Wireless offers Lifeline plans and tribal benefits. Inspired by the many efforts to help others to make a difference, Choice NTUA Wireless will continue working to make sure its customers continue to have internet access for news, work, and school as the situation progresses.

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About Choice NTUA Wireless
Choice NTUA Wireless is a facilities based carrier that is majority Navajo-owned through NTUA (Navajo Tribal Utility Authority). Choice NTUA Wireless formally launched in 2014 and provides 4G LTE fixed/mobile broadband and voice across the Navajo Nation. 98% of its network is 4G and its customers enjoy the ability to access their voice and data from anywhere in the continental U.S.

Tom Guthrie
Choice Wireless & Broadband