San Diego, CA, May 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The novel COVID-19 disease has become the big elephant in the room---many companies are taking steps to safeguard their financial integrity, including proposing pay cuts, temporary layoffs, retarding employees due to limited operations. All of these actions are adversely affecting many people and thousands of businesses. Consequently, businesses and individuals alike are unable to maintain the required financial cash flows. Therefore, people are beginning to turn to financial loan companies. Assurity Solutions, a reputable financial rehabilitation firm is a trusted financial partner proving to be extremely helpful at this time when funding is hard to come by. 

Assurity Solutions understands that the needs of its clients are not the same. Therefore, it has crafted loan solutions based on individual needs to meet varied business and personal needs. The staff is trained to provide quick financial assistance with extremely relaxed conditions. In addition, Assurity Solutions offers free consultation sessions in which the prospective borrowers are assisted to choose the best available loan options to help them make informed decisions. The current situation has meant that people stay and work at home and Assurity Solutions has put in place safety measures to protect its customers, employees, and the nation at large. The company is riding on its IT infrastructure and leveraging its robust offshore capabilities to help clients apply for loans online and get approved in a matter of time.

At a time when even the largest companies are struggling, financial institutions have been called upon to partner with customers to provide the most affordable financial assistance to firms and individuals going through tough financial challenges. Assurity Solutions is prepared to open its lending doors to the unbanked and those who've been denied loans by conventional banks because of bad credit scores. The terms of such loans are unique in the sense that they are attractive and accommodating. 

Generally, unsecured loans often come with high-interest rates because they are high-risk loans and personal loans have been hard hit. At Assurity Solutions, we believe that financial institutions can still provide personal loans at affordable interest rates. Your ability to pay a loan may have been affected significantly and your credit score damaged because of the ravaging financial crisis. But should this be the reason you should be denied a loan? Assurity Solutions understands this is just a season and that people have a massive potential to bounce back from their challenging times. As such Assurity Solutions promises to design agreements that carry the reduced cost of processing loans and lowering the cost of transacting all businesses. 

"The Assurity Solutions priority is to put its customers first," the bank's management noted.  We are using a variety of methods to assist our customers on a client-to-client basis, depending on the needs and circumstances. Therefore, we encourage our clients and other prospective borrowers to contact our financial experts if they are impacted by the COVID-19 disease and need emergency funding. Assurity Solutions is with you in this together and we are dedicated to helping you with an array of options.

While we keep our position as a for-profit organization, Assurity Solutions is particularly partnering with the state agencies to help curb the effects of the pandemic. Getting a loan for emergency needs has never been easy. We listen and care for the pain our clients are going through. We promise to customize solutions for customers so they can come off the debt situation fast. Whether you are considering filing bankruptcy, piling up credit card debt, or letting your lender move with its foreclosure actions, we are here to help reverse all these and help you get back on your feet at the least cost.