Laplace, LA, May 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The audience craves sounds which soothe their souls, comedies which light up their laughter, broadcasts that bury their burdens, fireworks that frighten their frustrations and drama to tempt their tears. It is the mix of genre, talent and undulating waves of wonder; the recognition of people past and people present who have taken the “after works”, the weekends and the getaways to create unforgettable experiences.
Whether by the intimacy of in-house with remote in-hand or the community behind public gatherings with hands in the air, entertainment has become a main staple of the American culture. Perhaps it’s the creativity of new media which makes us curious, or maybe it’s the catwalks and clothing of fashion which hook our attention. The giggles and gossips stemming from television and radio make frequent trips to the real world, as do the come-back-for-more appeal of theater.

“THE AIM IS TO FOSTER A FIRM FOUNDATION IN FINANCIAL LITERACY SO THAT OTHERS CAN HAVE MORE CONTROL AND FREEDOM.” – STEMLEY Wealth Power Respect provides tips and tools for the discovery and mastery of:

  • Money Management
  • Time Management The Power of Credit (Personal & Business)
  • Financial Literacy & Education
  • The Integration of Integrity
  • Wealth, Business & Mindset Building
  • Key steps to success

The self-help book catapults each reader into a deeper understanding of personal and business finance and thus proves to be an excellent read for those in the startup or seasoned stages of personal and business development.

The book is available for purchase at the following websites: 

Barnes & Noble® - WEALTH POWER RESPECT by Michael Stemley, Paperback 

Wealth Power Respect: Stemley, Michael: 9781794832596: Books

At its pre-release stage, "Wealth Power Respect" is already popular amongst celebrities and civilians alike. Billboards check, New York Times… coming right up!


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