Percona Launches New Open Source Security Tool, Database Distributions and Managed Services To Support Unbiased Approach To Databases

New Security Threat Tool for open source databases, Managed Database Service for MongoDB, a new Distribution for MongoDB and updated Distribution for PostgreSQL provide improved management, performance, and reliability for users

Raleigh, North Carolina, UNITED STATES

RALEIGH, N.C., May 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Percona, a leader in open source database software and services, today announced the launch of multiple database distributions and service offerings to help improve data management, availability, and security. This includes Managed Database Service provision for MongoDB and a new distribution for MongoDB, alongside an enhanced distribution for PostgreSQL.

Another key launch from Percona is the latest version of Percona Monitoring and Management, which includes a new Security Threat Tool. This tool runs daily checks for common database security issues for a range of open source databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB as well as MariaDB and alerts users when non-compliance is identified. The new version of Percona Monitoring and Management also includes initial support for external services enabling export of existing metrics from third-party systems for improved monitoring and visibility across database environments.

These launches take place alongside Percona’s annual conference, Percona Live, this year running as an online event and featuring leading experts on databases and open source.

Percona Managed Database Services for MongoDB
Percona is announcing the expansion of their Percona Managed Database Services, adding support for MongoDB. Percona Managed Database Services supports cloud-based and on-premises deployments and focuses on improving performance and availability. While cloud-based options can provide support for hosting database workloads, Percona Managed Database Services delivers improvements in data performance through proactive optimization reviews and design changes to make database instances run more efficiently. This adds significant additional value for customers compared to standard hosting or cloud-based service offerings.

When we looked at what companies were asking for around cloud, we saw there was a significant gap between available database-as-a-service offerings and more traditional consulting services. At Percona, we combine the best of both to help customers reduce costs and operational overhead, and significantly improve performance for their database instances. Rather than simply guaranteeing uptime, we help companies get the most out of their databases, whether you are running PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, or MySQL,” explained Matt Yonkovit, Chief Experience Officer at Percona.

Percona Distribution for MongoDB and PostgreSQL
The newly released Percona Distribution for MongoDB provides a fully open source enterprise solution based on Percona Server for MongoDB and Percona Backup for MongoDB that maximizes performance while being more cost-effective for teams to run over time. Percona Distribution for MongoDB: 

  • Combines Percona Memory Engine for in-memory storage, HashiCorp Vault for data access control, data at rest encryption, audit logging, external LDAP authentication and hot backup support to meet enterprise requirements around application data security and availability.
  • Provides reliability and high performance support for companies that want to run MongoDB without being tied to specific expensive proprietary software options.
  • Delivers consistent backup and restore functionality for clusters and non-sharded data sets.
  • Supports Kubernetes deployments, making it easier for developers to integrate their applications and database operations. This allows teams to easily create identical environments across all the elements of the software development lifecycle from development, test and QA into production, reducing DevOps process times and automating database instance creation where needed.

The latest version of Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL expands on Percona’s existing distribution of PostgreSQL to support even more business critical application environments, allowing users to take advantage of PostgreSQL’s community contributions and extensions:

  • Less custom design work is required with SQL and DDL improvements that provide greater flexibility and easier data manipulation.
  • Enhanced partitioning control through support for foreign keys in partitions and faster partition pruning delivers stronger relationships and frees up space more quickly.
  • Boost security with new encryption and authentication options, to more easily manage availability and access.

Percona Monitoring and Management 2.6
Percona Monitoring and Management is an award-winning open source database monitoring tool. It incorporates best-of-breed tools including Grafana, Prometheus and Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL.

Developers and database administrators use Percona Monitoring and Management to improve the quality of their database implementations, identify bottlenecks, and deal with common issues around database performance. It includes support for cloud services such as Amazon Web Services RDS and Aurora to provide AWS-specific monitoring, as well as supporting data from the MongoDB query profiler, MySQL Performance Schema and MySQL slow query log.

According to Percona’s last State of Open Source Data Management Survey, security and compliance were flagged as key concerns by more than 50% of respondents. To help customers address data security, Percona Monitoring and Management 2.6 includes a new Security Threat Tool to help database administrators and developers spot and solve potential security issues.

The Security Threat Tool allows users to run daily checks, get alerts and remediate common database security issues to reduce the risk of data exposure. This includes checking database versions to ensure the latest version is being used and enforcing that passwords are set by default to mitigate the most common attack surfaces for databases. The Tool also tracks database security scans and remediation activities for auditing and compliance needs.

“Developers are taking more responsibility for managing operations and security around their applications, and this should include hardening database instances against attack. Database issues continue to be a common cause of breaches. By making it easier to check security on popular open source databases, we can provide direct support to prevent problems from occurring. Our new Security Threat Tool allows users to quickly identify potential security issues with database instances, and fix them before any issues occur,” said Yonkovit.


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