GCP Applied Technologies Sends Letter to Shareholders Highlighting Strength and Commitment of Its 10 Director Nominees

GCP Urges Shareholders to Protect the Value of Their Investment by Voting the BLUE Proxy Card “FOR” GCP’s Nominees

Cambridge, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GCP Applied Technologies Inc. (NYSE:GCP) (“GCP” or the “Company”), a leading global provider of construction products technologies, today issued the following open letter to shareholders regarding the election of the Company’s director nominees – Elizabeth Mora, Randall Dearth, Gerald Colella, Janice Henry, Clay Kiefaber, James Kirsch, Philip Mason, Danny Shepherd, Armand Lauzon and John McPherson – at its 2020 Annual Meeting of Stockholders (“2020 Annual Meeting”), scheduled to be held on May 28, 2020:

Dear Fellow Shareholders:

GCP’s highly qualified, independent Board has demonstrated its commitment to significant Board refreshment and ability to deliver performance improvement. We are confident that our refreshed Board has helped drive significantly improved performance, most recently demonstrated by our best first quarter earnings results since 2016. This stability, continuity and sure-footed execution have only become more critical to the business in light of the volatility and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Board is working with urgency to take prudent steps to protect the business.

We encourage you to protect the value of your investment in GCP and vote “FOR” ALL 10 of the Company’s director candidates listed on the BLUE proxy card. A vote on the BLUE proxy card is a vote FOR:

 Right Skills and
  • Financial/ Accounting
  • Industry Experience
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Operational Leadership of a Global Business
  • Public Company Board Experience
  • Public Company Leadership Experience
  • Risk Assessment / Management
  • Strategic Planning / Business Development
Slate of Directors
Elizabeth Mora (C)
  • Independent Director since 2016
  • Chief Administrative Officer, Charles Stark Draper Laboratory
Randall S. Dearth
  • Director since 2019
  • President & CEO, GCP Applied Technologies
Gerald G. Colella
  • Independent Director since 2017
  • Former President & CEO, MKS Instruments
Janice K. Henry
  • Independent Director since 2016
  • Former CFO, Martin Marietta Materials
 Clay H. Kiefaber
  • Independent Director since 2019
  • President & CEO, ESAB
James F. Kirsch
  • Independent Director since 2018
  • Former Chairman, President & CEO, Ferro
Phillip J. Mason
  • Independent Director since 2016
  • Former President (EMEA), Ecolab
Danny R. Shepherd
  • Independent Director since 2016
  • Former Vice Chairman, Vulcan Materials
 Armand F. Lauzon
  • Independent Director Nominee in 2020
  • Former President & CEO, C&D Technologies
John R. McPherson
  • Independent Director Nominee in 2020
  • Former Senior Partner, McKinsey
Commitment to
  • Elizabeth Mora appointed independent Chairman in 2019
  • 5 of 9 current directors joined in past 3 years
  • If GCP nominees elected, 6 of 10 will have joined within past 3 years¹

Starboard’s Unreasonable Demands

GCP’s Board is focused on shareholders’ best interests, which is why we have attempted numerous times to settle this proxy contest, including an enhanced proposal to Starboard just several days ago. We strongly believe replacing a supermajority of the Board would be highly disruptive and place at risk the Company’s demonstrated business progress and momentum. We believe Starboard’s continued unwillingness to consider reasonable proposals for a consensual resolution on Board representation underscores Starboard’s self-serving agenda at GCP. We also believe independent shareholders should be concerned with allowing Starboard and 40 North to take creeping control of the Company.


We are confident that the GCP Board and our 2020 nominees possess the expertise, operational and industry experience, knowledge, and skills to support the continued execution of GCP’s strategy.

We strongly urge shareholders to vote the BLUE proxy card or voting instruction form and support ALL 10 of GCP’s refreshed, highly qualified, independent slate of director nominees.


 Elizabeth MoraRandall S. Dearth
 Independent Chairman of the Board of DirectorsPresident and Chief Executive Officer

GCP reminds shareholders that every vote is important, no matter how many or how few shares they hold. The Company urges all shareholders to use the BLUE proxy card to vote “FOR” the Company’s ten highly qualified and experienced director nominees TODAY.

About GCP Applied Technologies
GCP is a leading global provider of construction products technologies that include additives for cement and concrete, the VERIFI® in-transit concrete management system, high-performance waterproofing products, and specialty systems. GCP products have been used to build some of the world’s most renowned structures. More information is available at www.gcpat.com.



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Additional Information
GCP has filed a definitive proxy statement and BLUE proxy card with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) in connection with its solicitation of proxies for its 2020 Annual Meeting of Stockholders. GCP STOCKHOLDERS ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO READ THE DEFINITIVE PROXY STATEMENT (AND ANY AMENDMENTS AND SUPPLEMENTS THERETO) AND ACCOMPANYING PROXY CARD, AS THEY CONTAIN OR WILL CONTAIN (IN THE CASE OF AMENDMENTS OR SUPPLEMENTS) IMPORTANT INFORMATION. Stockholders may obtain the definitive proxy statement (and any amendments or supplements thereto) and other documents filed by GCP with the SEC without charge from the SEC’s website at www.sec.gov.

Certain Information Regarding Participants
GCP, its directors and certain of its executive officers may be deemed to be participants in connection with the solicitation of proxies from GCP’s stockholders in connection with the matters to be considered at the 2020 Annual Meeting. Information regarding the ownership of GCP’s directors and executive officers in GCP stock is included in their SEC filings on Forms 3, 4 and 5, which can be found through the SEC’s website at www.sec.gov. More detailed and updated information regarding the identity of potential participants, and their direct or indirect interests, by security holdings or otherwise, is set forth in the definitive proxy statement (and any amendments and supplements thereto) filed with the SEC. These documents can be obtained free of charge from the sources indicated above.

Cautionary Statements Regarding Forward-Looking Information
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¹ Marran Ogilvie, who joined the Board last year pursuant to an agreement with Starboard, is not being re-nominated by the Company.