Gainesville, FL, May 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Developed by a group of leading physicians and cited in several peer-reviewed studies, a pelvic massage developed at Clear Passage® physical therapy clinics has been shown to open blocked fallopian tubes without surgery, enabling infertile women to become pregnant naturally. Recently, Clear Passage reached a remarkable milestone: the 1,000th miracle baby was born after the mother received treatment for infertility.


Published in the journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine (1) and highlighted in gynecologists’ professional journal Contemporary Ob/Gyn (2), the first major blocked tubes study showed that the Clear Passage® Approach achieved a 61% success rate opening totally blocked fallopian tubes. Most of the women whose tubes opened went on to conceive naturally. Several have had subsequent natural pregnancies and births after treatment.

Fallopian tubes are the delicate passages in a woman’s reproductive system. Fallopian tubes can become blocked by adhesions (internal scars) that form when the body heals from an earlier surgery, infection, trauma or endometriosis. Adhesions, scarring and blocked fallopian tubes are primary causes of female infertility. The therapy developed at Clear Passage clinics appears to detach adhesions in the female reproductive tract, allowing the body to return to normal function for some women.


Successes in these studies included women with:

• two totally blocked fallopian tubes,

• one tube removed and the other blocked (decreasing the chance for success),

• hydrosalpinx (tube blocked and filled with fluid), and

• mid-tube and distal blockage (challenging areas to treat surgically).


In a 10-year study (3), the therapy opened tubes in 143 women, improving fertility and returning function to fallopian tubes previously diagnosed incapable of conception. These results are considered remarkable in a population that had zero chance of natural pregnancy before therapy.


Research gynecologist and former Chief of Staff of North Florida Regional Medical Center, Richard King, M.D, notes that the side effects of this therapy are positive. In published studies, the therapy decreased intercourse pain and improved sexual function significantly, including orgasms, desire and lubrication for most women. “Doctors use the therapy as adjunct care, or as a replacement for surgery for women with infertility, pelvic or intercourse pain, endometriosis or blocked fallopian tubes,” King said.


Roxanne, a previous patient at Clear Passage Therapies, sought out treatment after being told by doctors that she would never naturally conceive. “After seven years of marriage, my husband and I realized that we wanted a family”, she said. But adhesions from a childhood surgery left her with two blocked fallopian tubes. After a failed IVF, Roxanne heard about Clear Passage. 


“The treatment was wonderful and I loved everything about it! I felt empowered again,” she said. “I will never forget the moment I found out I was pregnant naturally, just three months after treatment. I was so shaky with happiness that I hardly had a voice to tell my husband the results over the phone. We cried when our daughter came into this world nine months later, one of the best moments of our lives.”


To her surprise, the results of the therapy were long-lasting. “I became pregnant again naturally, six years later! I am amazed that the positive results of the therapy lasted all that time. [We] went from two people in a scary and depressing search through the medical maze of infertility treatments to our present family of four — all naturally!”


Roxanne states, “I would urge other women who face infertility to not give up! I credit the therapists with breaking up the adhesions that were interfering with my fallopian tubes, and blocking my fertility.”


Patients accepted into the program typically undergo a 20-hour therapy program designed around their specific history, conditions and goals, administered over the course of 5 days. The Clear Passage® Approach and its success rates have been cited in over a dozen published citations and studies in peer-reviewed medical journals. 


Clinics in Gainesville, Florida and Manhattan, New York are open and safe for patients to attend now with other clinics opening weekly. Staff and therapists take extensive precautions and follow CDC guidelines for PPE and sanitization methods.


To learn more about how Clear Passage successfully treats infertility, endometriosis, intercourse and adhesion pain, visit their website at or call (352) 336-1433.



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Larry Wurn
Clear Passage Therapies