Sonora Expands to the RGV!


Rio Grande Valley, TX, May 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Core is proud and excited to announce the opening of their new branch in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley. After two years of opening business in Laredo, Tx, they could not be more excited to now be part of a market that's growing immensely. The Core is happy to contribute to the Valley by bringing more job and career opportunities to the community. From the culture to the blue-collar examples, they couldn't wait to be a part of such a historic region in the nation.

Opportunities are given to the ones who seek them! For Sonora, the road has been fruitful as they celebrated their two-year anniversary a few months ago. They realized how they were looking forward to accomplishing new goals. The plans began to develop. From having two partners at the start of their first few months as a company, they have climbed to now have more than 10 partners being part of their resume. They appreciate the love and trust from their network by allowing them to expand into different fields. Not only did it make the company consistently adapt, but it forced the Core to plan bigger. The Fortune 100 partners they service are a great responsibility, but thanks to the great group of team members that they have, they couldn't be hungrier to accomplish more.

The CEO of the Company, Jesus Garcia Moreno, could easily be seen as one of the most excited people in their business. Jesus is now back to common grounds, as he is a graduate of the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, or known back then as The University of Texas Pan American! #GoBroncs #GoVaqueros. “I developed a lot of my skills in this market. The Valley gave me a home after graduating from the university, and I don't take that lightly. For a lot of people, home is everything. And everything is what we will give our new home.”

The game plan for the Core is simple: lead by example, involve themselves with the great community, and maintain A+ satisfaction with their partners. Most importantly, they plan to create a work environment that would not only provide opportunities to the valley but gain the trust of it as well. The McAllen branch has been officially the one that they have invested the most into. The company is very confident because it has already walked the walk by quadrupling the production of customers with one of their many clients in the first two months! With Covid 19 among us, they were not only able to adapt, but also gave them the time to game plan for an even bigger and better future. Not only are they back in business, but their partners are anxious for their support and success! 

From Star to Cameron County, the Core invites you to be part of a family-oriented team that seeks to not compete, but dominate the RGV. For more information on career opportunities, team events, marketing campaigns, community involvement or general inquiries please email or check out their company page at


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